Environmental Issue Of The Lorax And The Easter Island

The Lorax is like the Easter island story because in both scenarios the civilization ran out of the natural resources because both groups were negligent with the the amount of resources they had and did not think about the creating more of their resources. Also, both stories, the species lost their food sources and shelters, making them extinct. Both territories were very fertile but, when the humans arrived saw they took advantage and overused the resources with greed and competition overtaking these populations.

They differ by in the Lorax the Once-ler was able to recognise his mistakes and work with the Lorax to bring back the beautiful land back as for the Easters/Polynesians they destroyed their land that people could live there, and that the population just died of. Some environmental issues in the Lorax Dr Seuss in our society are: air and water pollution, deforestation, and overpopulation. There was overpopulation, so the Polynesians destroyed wild life and created deforestation because they used the trees on the island to transport statues.

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These issues relate to the world today by the atmosphere is changing, and even more nuclear power plants are being built and people should start taking care of what we have. Wild life cannot survive without natural resources because nature is where wild life evolves from. Heavy dependence on limited resources without sustaining it or replenishing it makes civilizations die especially when pollutants are put into the air and water, it only impacts wild life by killing it. Animals and humans are unable breath and swim in hazardous situations.

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Once-Ler power plant created toxins that got into the water where the fish were. The fish were unable to survive in the water, so they had to leave (die). The Easters not having shelter from the rain since there was no trees caused the soil to break and ruin the soil for crops. Not having crops can cause society to end wildlife by killing and eating all the animals as the Easters did with eating all the fish and birds. Not having any food caused cannibalism.

They were able to survive for hundreds of years because they brought with them animals, like chickens and rats. They brought plants to farm like taros and yams. The food that grew the easiest was the potato. The Easters could have avoided their issues by not moving the statues, using the wood to make boats to travel and bring more resources to and from other countries. Once-ler could have replanted trees at the same rate he was chopping them down. Also, should not have created all those power plants. The depleted resources that was naturally on the island caused the environment lose stability on Easter island.Both groups maxed out the resources of their environment. People are more aware of the environment, so people are starting to create campaigns and get others involved in cleaning and recycling. Many people search for other explanations because they doubt that it was Easters fault that civilization crashed. The people searching are those who don’t care about the environment. This might be affecting societies judgment, but people are more aware of the environment, so people are starting to create campaigns and get others involved in cleaning and recycling.

The Lorax would say to us “Fix the environment while you have the chance before you destroy the planet forever that we can’t recover it.” He would have said to the Easters is “Stop, you’re running the environment, and this will lead to civilization ending on this island.” The Easters didn’t notice they were cutting down the last tree, but when they did it was too late, and they were thinking what to do next to carry their statue’s. The Easters/Polynesians didn’t care about their surroundings because they wanted to see which tribe could build the biggest and most dignified statues on the island and so their population grew and overexploited the forests with their activities. They cared when they were fighting for what was left of these resources. We could push Earth beyond its ability to sustain life with more than a thousand nuclear power plants, fire, killing of many animals every year and aren’t reproducing, and cutting down trees to create even more cities. I could ensure a long-term quality environment by using biodegradables to get rid of plastic. Recycle and reuse materials.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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