The Problem Of Match-Fixing And Corruption in Sport

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The biggest problem that faced in the sport organization is match-fixing and corruption. This problem will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of sport organization’s delivery and manage the system. This few years, some badminton players will feel guilty and get caught of this accusation which involve match-fixing and corruption and the result in temporary band and get penalty as a result of the involvement in match-fixing. Badminton World Federation has decided to ban the player that involved in match-fixing.

This situation still persist until recent. Badminton World Federation have to take action in order to minimize this problem.

Definition of match-fixing

In organized sports, occurs as a match that is played to a completely or partially pre-determined result, violate the rules of game and against the law. Then, in organized sport the act of deciding in a way that is not honest what the result of the game will be decided before the match. Last, match fixing refers to fixing the final result of the game.

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(Bungard, 2017)

Various conduct of match-fixing that can be carried out in sport.

Match-fixing related to gambling is a problem in many sports, there is a direct or indirect finance advantage or benefits related to a bet with a gaming provider or it can also be connected with private betting. Then, the conduct of match-fixing is prize sharing, players can concede with the understanding that the opponent player will share the prize equally with them. Depending on the game, this may cause the player to disqualification.

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The agreements of gamblers, player can set an agreement of gambler to do a match- fixing. Gamblers can set an agreement with player to set the result of the game, so the gambler and player will share the prize together. Last, match-fixing by referees, not only player can do the match-fixing, coaches and/or team officials, it is not unheard of to have results manipulated by corrupt referees. All of which concerned referees who fixed matches for gamblers. Many sports writers have speculated that in leagues with high player salaries, it is far more likely for a referee to become corrupt since their pay in such competitions is usually much less than that of the players. (Federation, 2014)

Elaborate the functions of the various types of sport organizations.

There are various types of sport organization all over the world. Sport organization is the way in which the workforce of the association is sorted out into particular occupation parts and duties to embrace work to achieve the association's central goal (Isaac, n.d.). Even though all of the organization has different goals yet they all are working in one mission which is to promote and develop sports to the society. The classification of sport organization is actually divided into three parts and each of the organization has different roles as you can view it in the next paragraph.

First is sport governing bodies which is their main mission is to support and help to promote sporting events at all the levels such as school level, district level, state level in a given area and sport discipline and not more than that. They will ensure the development programmed for the athletes from grassroots, national, international and professional categories also. Moreover, they emphasize more on the rules of the particular sport and also the values of sport promoted by the Olympic Movement. Exploration identified with this sort of game association has a tendency to examine more about the difficulties looked by the need to professionalize the two elements and their results. (marti)

Next type is the sport spectacle organizations which is the production of the sport spectacles for instance leagues, tours and circuits. It is done to represent and safeguard the interest of all actors in the competition they organize. They also concern on designing competition system and make them as attractive as they can. They also focus in sport entertainment sector for example ticket selling, broadcasting, publicity and sponsorship which is also fall under the commercial activities. Generally it’s a combination of sports entertainment through commercial activities to generate competition opportunities. (marti)

The third type is sport organization entities. It is done to satisfy a community’s motivation to practice physical activity and promote socialism through sporting events. Outline and offer game exercises both at a recreational and focused level, and at individual and group occasions, situated towards official rivalry keeping in mind the end goal to make donning progress and social combination. Their main activity is to deliver sport programs in clubs, communities and universities as well. There are actually private sector non-profit association devoted to the arrangement of recreational game exercises at a neighborhood level. (marti)

What was the course of action taken by the Sport Governing Body?

Once Zulfadli and Tan Chun Seang were found out their fault in breaching the BWF Code of Conduct in Relation to Betting, Wagering and Irregular Match Results they both undergo a very heavy punishment given by the BWF and also BAM such as:

  • Both of them get the suspension each of 20 years and 15 years by Badminton World Federation which is the sport governing body. (Ruxyn, n.d.)
  • Zulfadli Zulkifli was banned for 20 years and also been fined US dollar 25,000 (RM 98,187.50)
  • Tan Chun Seang was barred for 15 years 15 years and also been fined US dollar 15,000 (RM 58,912.50)
  • Tan Chun Seang during that period of time, he was training under BAM which is the badminton sport governing body in Malaysia for the upcoming Thomas Cup which is in 2010 so BAM decided to suspend him from Asian Tournaments as well. (Ruxyn, n.d.)

Describe the standing of the Badminton Association of Malaysia in view of the case.

As we all know this case is been monitor by The Badminton World Federation which is the international governing body for the sport of badminton recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Although one of the players involved in this case is not under BAM but whatever is it they are all our country players and BAM is our national governing body, so BAM must make sure they must be fully responsible in order to make sure other athletes does not follow like them because this matter refers to our country image as well.

BAM has done their part in order to make sure anything regarding our national players including their training, matches, competitions go well but still there are negative issues going on for instance this case has really damage the image of our country badminton legacy. So we can generally manipulate that our BAM has to change their development by not only focusing players inside the ring but outside the ring also as our Badminton Association of Malaysia President Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria said in the press conference regarding this issue. (the star online, 2018)

After the association meeting of BAM done they have announced that they are emphasizing on a new policy called whistleblower policy which protects those who give them authorities information regarding issues going on between players in Malaysia. It is the first step to avoid this king of issues in future. Eventually they also have start to engage all parties including coaches, managers and all the officials to participate in seminar or workshop which will be organized by BAM. It is organized so that all of them can undergo the process where the get to know the pros and cons of behaviors that they have to know and understand while participating in competitions especially in other countries. They must attend that programme so that they can compete in international tournaments. It is a great idea in order for create a high discipline player with values and proper ethics. (the star online, 2018)

What was the final decision of the Badminton World Federation ethics panel?

The final decision of Badminton World Federation (BWF) for the Match-fixing is 20 years ban for competing to former world junior champion Zulfadli Zulkifli meanwhile 15 years bar for Tan Chun Seang. Other than that, they also have to pay the fined-25 000 US dollars (RM 98187.50) for Zulfadli Zulkifli and 15 000 (RM 58 912.50) for Tan Chun Seang. This decision was made after both of them found guilty of violation the body’s code of conduct relatation to “betting, wagering and irregular match result”. Both players were provisionally suspended by the BWF begin from Jan 12.

Which Ethical Theory would best describe the BWF ethical panel decision on the case?

The Ethical Theory that best describe the BWF ethic panel decision is on the case is non-consequential. Non-consequentialism refers to the values that judges by rightness and wrongness of any action, not about consequences. The outcome not only conduct in moral perception but judged by good or bad according to other criteria, for example rules and standard. The BWF making decision base out the player’s act without involving moral goodness or badness when making decision but they refers to the rules that being set. The non-consequentialism also belief that rules and regulation are the one who maximize the balance between good and bad consequences just like the BWF believe that punishment that they give have a good consequence according to the rules. (Kamm, 2011)

What were the damages that the respondents suffered from the breach of code of conduct?

Zulfadli Zulkiffli was banned about 20 years, Tan Chun Seng was also banned for 15 years because they being found guilty of corruption and match-fixing. By the fine is Zulfadli Zulkiffli with US$25000 (RM98187.50), while Tan Chun Seng with US$12000 (RM 58912.50).

Define Code of Conduct.

A code of conduct is an arrangement of composed rules that spell out what constitutes proficient and amateurish conduct for representatives of an organization or individuals from an expert affiliation. It mirrors to the main values of the association, guaranteeing that representatives will act in administration of those main qualities rather in logical inconsistency of them. (Thompson, 2017). A code of conduct or code of ethics is a decision-making tool. In happens where the correct strategy isn't clearly, the code of conduct can enable you to make sense of which choice will think about the best for your association, as indicated by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative. By settling on choices that make a positive open view of your association, you can manufacture trust with people in general, decreasing the danger of future issues, for example, cases. (Thompson, 2017)

The conduct of both players were seen to be unsportsmanlike. Provide a comparison between Gamesmanship and Sportsmanship in sport.

  • Gamesmanship is the mirror side of sportsmanship. It demonstrates that the game or sport is played with the ONLY target, which is to win. Gamesmanship depends on the conviction that triumphant is the main thing that issues and that the amusement must be won at any cost, regardless of whether that cost incorporates some unscrupulous practices, for example, swindling or mentally overwhelming the rival. A man who shows gamesmanship will do anything in their capacity to win, in fact that winning is the main target. (Difference between Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship
  • Sportsmanship is ‘fair and generous behavior or treatment of others in a sporting contest.’ Sportsmanship demonstrates that the game or action is delighted in for the game or action. It demonstrates the goal was to win, as well as rather to have a great time doing it. The game is played for the sake of entertainment and happiness, and not with the sole motivation behind winning. The game is intended to have a champ or a washout, yet that does not imply that one ought to lose their uprightness. (Difference between Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship

What steps can be taken by the Sport Governing Bodies to ensure the code of conduct of the sport will be upheld?

The Sport Governing Bodies should make reasonable business choices with a reasonable arrangement of audit, perceives the standard reason for commitment as a progressing employee. Also, Sport Governing Bodies have to makes on choices to identifying with commitment and advancement that depend on justify. A choice identifying with commitment or advancement depends on justify. The Sport Governing Bodies are required efficient performance from each employee, gives adaptable, protected and remunerating working environments where correspondence, interview, collaboration and contribution from representatives on issues that influence their working environments are worth, provides workplaces that are free from any supports.

Discuss the impact of the both players conduct on the sport towards the public.

They will face the depressions from their surrounding because they done the illegal actions by breaching the body’s code of conduct. They also broke the name of Malaysia.


As we can learn from this assignment, the match-fixing has affected the name of sports and games, the sport organizations should have the sportsmanship for making most fairness competitions for every athlete. In case, everyone should follow the rules and let the sports become more famous to the public.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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