The Possibility of an Asteroid Falling to Earth

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Jonathan Haidt gave a speech about the possibility of an asteroid falling on Earth and asked the audience what people could do to stop them. Haidt notes that if an asteroid threatens to destroy the earth, people will forget about their differences and stand together to fight for their survival. This is what he refers a common ground in the midst of a crisis. Haidt’s video shows us the many problems that people are facing, but yet people cannot find a common ground to fight them while the issues are threatening all of us.

Jonathan Haidt believes that common threats to the economy and survival of people should create a common ground for looking for answers instead of one group ignoring the existence of a problem.

Haidt notes that there have already been many problems in the world though we cannot cooperate to solve them. However, Haidt suggests that we should begin by looking for common threats. It is because common ground is often very hard to find, common threats create common ground.

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Democrats and Republicans should work together to find a solution to common threats such as poverty. Haidt challenges us to think because many threats in life require cooperation and fighting together despite our political differences.

Universal Healthcare

There have been many talks about changing the health care system in the U.S which has been contributed by the change in the presidential administration. From the time Republicans took over in 2016, a series of events concerning reforming health care has happened.

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Recently, the House of Representatives changed from Republican to Democratic which has also fueled repealing of the Affordable Care Act. Throughout his campaign, President Donald Trump promised citizens that he would repeal and replace Obama Care. The provision of universal healthcare is the biggest issue where politicians have failed to find common ground to tackle the problems. The Americans are suffering because of the poor quality of services offered in the hospital while they are being promised universal health care.

All Americans are facing common threats of the falling of the universal healthcare system because of bringing politics in the issue. Hadith’s idea that a common threat can make common ground applies in this topic quite well. Trump claims that the ACA needed to be changed because it was not helping the Americans while Democrats are on view that the Affordable Care Act should continue to be in existence. The healthcare issues in the U.S is the major pressing problem with the cost of provision of healthcare becoming too expensive and taking more than 15% of the federal budget while the quality of healthcare is still waiting.

Democrats and Republicans should find common ground to solve this problem. President Trump’s effort has been to repeal the Obama Care and replace it with a conservative plan. There have been many attempts through the House of Representative to pass a bill that will bring a change in the health care system, but it failed several times. A universal healthcare system is ideal for people to ensure that everyone has access to medical care, but quality and cost of services should be thoroughly checked to ensure that poor people do not get poor quality medical service at the expense of universal health care.

Global warming

Global warming has been a hot topic in the world today due to its effect on earth. The temperature rises and some parts of the world becoming dry due to increased emission of carbon gases are the major threats people are facing in the world today. Due to common threats on the environment, common ground has been created where countries that do not even engage are starting to find a way to sit down together and tackle this problem. The problem of global warming is a perfect example of a common threat that creates a common ground that Haidt explains in his speech. Countries like the U.S and China who have been economic rivals feel they have a common problem that they need to tackle before it destroys the world. Climate change is a global problem, impacting everybody, irrespective of whether or not an individual thinks climate change is happening or agrees on its causes. The effect of doing nothing to tackle climate change is deep. A lot can be achieved by finding common environmental ground and using these areas of agreement to find the best way to handle global warming

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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