The Marketing Strategy Ò Vinamilk Essay

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The Marketing Strategy Ò Vinamilk

At the beginning of my presentation, I would like to show some imagines. I’m sure you can guest what company I will introduce today. Vinamilk is one of the top dairy companies in Vietnam and it is in Vietnam’ Top 10 Brand. What make Vinamilk successful? Do you concern about Vinamilk’ Marketing Mix Strategies?

I. Product

There are 5 main brains, they are milk products and products from milk. Milk product: sweetened condensed milk, fresh milk, milk powder, Product from milk: Ice-cream, cheese, yoghurt.
And many other products as: Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice…

Vinamilk committed to providing the best products for consumers. Vinamilk has invested in technological innovation to manufacture heathful products. The quality is being improved to meet the needs of consumer. The material is selected carefully. You are really comfortable to use Vinamilk Products. Nowaday, Vinamilk product is the most popular milk product in Vietnam because of their reasonable price policy.

II. Price

Vinamilk has many products. But in Price, I only compare one product it is powdered milk. Despite the profit race of foreign dairy companies, Vinamilk has maintained one price since 2008. Many people thought that the price of foreign milk is more expensive than domestic milk so it is better. But really, It is a same materials and almost Vietnam milk materials are imported. So nowaday, more and more women choose domestic milk for their children and Vinamilk is a best choise. With the same products for the same age, the same materials, the same quality and net weight, foreign milk is always more expensive than Vinamilk, you can see the comparison table on the screen. So what do you choose? Vinamilk also improves some products to enhance the quality as well as the price such as Dielac – Dielac Alpha, Dumex -Dumex Gold, Friso – Friso Gold.


The company has built a widespread network in order to bring the product directly to the customers as soon as possible. They are using the 2 main distribution channels: _ The traditional one: 220 independent distributors in 64 cities, 140.000 stores, 14 showrooms in big cities. _ The modern one:
Vinamilk product can be easily found in the supermarkets such as Metro, BigC, Co-op,….

1. Advertisement:

Understanding the importance of advertising in the promotive strategy, Vinamilk focuses on dignifying the unlimited creation and they have gained proceeds successes. As a company specializing in producing of dairy-products so the cow image offen appears in the Vinamilk’s ad. The dancing, singing cows always attract the audiences, especialy children.


Vinamilk is known with many public activities such as “6 million cups of milk for poor children” strategy. In 2008, Vinamilk spent 7 billion dongs for this strategy. With the lofty and beautiful ideal of improving the race, this programme had great influence and got the support of communication as well as people around the country. Beside that, Vinamilk also contributes a lot for the other community activities. In spite of unavoiding the negative information about imported materials of some Vinamilk products, they still remain their brand power. That the reason why Vinamilk becomes successful in VN market.

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