The Main Aspects of Human Nature That Make Us Human

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Upon reading this question, a lot of things crossed my mind. I got confused on what does the question implies, does it require scientific, biological answer? Or does it require intelectual and more critical answer. Being human is a complex structure on how a person is, how he define things, on how he look on different aspects of life that makes us all unique and complete. Let me base my answer on articles that I read online.

To be human is to have the ability to communicate systematically using words, symbols, body gestures/posture, and facial expressions.

We are born amorals, when we are still infants we only react to things based on our biological needs, we cry when we are hungry, we sleep when there’s a need to, we smile when we see things that amazes as but as we grow older we learn new things, we learn to speak to express what we want to say and feel, we act and make gestures on different occassions, we make facial expression to show people what we really feel.

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This means that as a human being we grow and learn new things.

To be human is to make our own decisions and bear the consequences of them. As part of growing up, we go to school to nurture our understanding to be able to learn the art of communicating with others, to deal with different situations. We have the free will to do what we want to do, it’s either voluntarily driven or forcely done.

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Sometimes we make decisions that may not look good to others, some may hurt, some maybe against the norm of the society but whatever it is, Good or Bad we will definitely learn something from it and have the ability to bear whatever consequences after doing it.

To be human is to o make and wear clothing, accessories, and other necessities for human life. It is necessary for us to have clothes, a home and other things that will serve as our protection from different types of weather. Everyone needs a home as this is also where everything begins. Whatever we do and how we deal it others is a reflection on how we were raised and how we are at home. To be human is to become individuals in the process of making our own life in what each one of us want to be in the future. Though we need support from our family and friends, get education from school. We as individuals should be able to build our own life, we have our minds to decide on what we really want to be, decide on our wants and needs, we as unique individuals have different point of view on how we live our life it may be enough for me but for others they may think it will be enough or too much.

Being human is being able to think about what happened in the past, what is happening and what will happen in the future. As a human, we have experienced different things in life. Some may be good and some may be bad, this experiences gives us a chance in deciding on how we are taking things that is happening in our life now and gives us realization on how we will deal with things that will happen in the future. It also gives us a hint on how to approach different situations, situations that are necessary for us to grow as a human being. Being human is to be able to get education. Education is one of the most significant thing that makes us reach pur full potential as a human being. We go to school to decide which career path we will take whether it will be in Engineering, in Medicine, in Science, in Military. Education is a human’s ticket to a brighter future. Being human is to be able to fit into different personality groups, but our experiences with the personality type is special and different within ourselves. There is a need for us to fit in different racial, cultural, religious, and political groups and to government. One basis of human life is dealing with other people, we deal with family members, friends, acquaintances and it makes us feel the difference of oneself to others, it gives us the idea on how we should act as an individual and how we should blend in to others knowing that we are all different.

Being human is to know the importance of human life. As we grow up, we were taught that we should love life and to nurture any gifts, talents, skills given to us. In this fast changing world of the Millennials, we inherited negative things caused by Anger, Greed and carelessness. Some of us disregard the importance of bearing and raising a child, some resorts to abortion when they receive an unwelcome blessing because of their carelessness. Some resorts to killing others if something bad was done towards one welfare. Some declare war and we don’t need to suffer the greivances of war just because of greed just because they want to take control of an area. We human beings needs to know that life is a gift, it is a gift given by our creator and no one has the right to take it away from someone.

Lastly, being human is knowing that we can’t live forever. We should know that in every beginning there is an end. We should live the life we’ve imagined and dreamed of.

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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