The life of my dog Rocky

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My dogs name is Rocky and his breed is a husky. Rocky is an excellent example of a working dog breed with high intelligence and a wide range of versatility. Huskies crave a lot of attention, they will rub up against you and whine when you don’t give them attention. These dogs are smart and can do a lot, but unfortunately, I got stuck with a dumb dog. Everyone should know that Siberian huskies come from Siberia, however people didn’t just find them running around in the wild.

An ancient siberian hunting people, who used them to pull heavy loads long distances, through extremely cold and harsh environments. Huskies do like to run, when Rocky gets out it’s so hard to catch him because he just runs especially in the winter.

“The word Siberia is commonly associated with a very cold environment.” Rocky loves being outside in the winter when there’s snow. He jumps in the snow like a little kid and wiggles his face in it.

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“About 3,000 years ago the climate changed for the worse and the reindeer had to travel farther and farther to find food, the reindeer dependent Chukchis had to travel with them taking their entire households along. This added sled hauling to the list of the Siberian Huskies accomplishments.” The sleds the dogs would pull were mainly used to haul goods, while the people walked. The chukchi believe that anymore that miss treats a dog, will not be aloud in Heaven. Huskies have endless energy, they are hyper all hours of the day.

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Rocky for instance he is always jumping around and spinning in circles, he’s worse than a little kid.”Huskies aren't the kind of pets that'll be happily snoozing all day on the couch. They have energy to burn, and if they're not given the right outlet, they'll find their own way to get the vigorous exercise and stimulation they need.” Huskies have independent spirits, “there's no doubting that Huskies can be loyal and loving to their owners, but their independent nature holds them back from being the lovable lap-dogs many people want.” Maybe there’s just something wrong with rocky then because he does lay around a lot and does like to cuddle with you, especially when you don’t give him the attention he’s all up in your face.

Rocky has a hard time listening too. I feel like huskies just kinda do their own thing. “This can make training difficult, but not training a Husky is out of the question. Husky owners need to be patient, determined, and consistent.” Dogs have in big role in today’s society, they can be service and therapy dogs. Service dogs are “specifically trained to perform tasks or work in order to benefit the disabled person. These disabilities could include physical, psychiatric, intellectual, sensory, or mental disability.” Like for instance they help blind people know where to go and how to get around. “Service dogs have more rights and are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), while therapy dogs have fewer rights”. They’re so many different type of service dogs like guide dogs, seizure alert dogs, PTSD service dogs, Narcolepsy Alert Dog, Psychiatric Service Dog, Diabetes Alert Dog, and so many more.

Therapy dogs are trained to give comfort and affection to people in long term care like, hospitals, mental health institutions, and schools. You don’t have to have a disability to have a therapy dog. “Additionally, therapy dogs do not have the same rights and special access that service dogs have because they are not trained to help disabled people perform certain tasks.” Therapy dogs are considered to be pets. “Additionally, therapy dogs do not have the same rights and special access that service dogs have because they are not trained to help disabled people perform certain tasks.” Dogs are also family pets, bet you didn’t know that ha. Most commonly dogs are known as beloved family members and are sometimes treated as children.

Having a family pet has been shown to reduce stress, loneliness, and encourage exercise.” Dogs also do a rescue organization. The San Diego humane society is an amazing program that helps animals cruelty and animals in emergency situations. Dogs can do a lot of good things and they even do a lot for us people. Next, we’re gonna talking about some random facts about huskies. The husky arrived in Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush. After they arrived in Alaska, huskies began to appear throughout the U.S. and Canada. Huskies are generally a healthy breed. Like any other breeds of dogs they are prone to certain health conditions. “Huskies tend to develop hip dysplasia, ectopy (an abnormality of the urethra), eye disorders (cataracts, corneal dystrophy, and progressive retinal atrophy), and a skin condition known as zinc responsive dermatosis.”

Did you know that there is a bronze statue of a heroic husky in central park New York, yeah I didn’t either. “In the winter of 1925, a sled dog team became heroes when they were able to deliver medicine to treat a diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska.” Today, because of how wonderful huskies are there is a statue of Balto that stands in Central Park as a tribe. Huskies are very amazing, highly intelligent, and have a wide range of versatility. Like my dog Rocky they are very hyper and crave a lot of attention from anyone, they don’t care if they know you or not they are super friendly and just like to play. Huskies are very smart, and helps us with a lot of things in life. I honestly don’t know what us humans would do without dogs by our sides.

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Updated: Jan 06, 2022
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