The Irrational Fear of Public Speaking

Your heart starts to pound out of your chest your hands get sweaty, and you imagine everything that can go bad. You may not know why but you are experiencing fear. Some people fear a person, others fear an idea, but we all experience fear at some point in our life. Fear is the unknown and not knowing what pain or emotion is coming next. It is a very hard emotion to deal with, but fear is not an all bad thing to feel.

There is a however a such thing as fake fear, that people choose to feel. There are people who love roller coasters and want to experience the fear and adrenaline of the speed and turns. Others that can't even imagine stepping on one, and see this as a way of death. People getting on these are not exactly experiencing fear. It is a simulation and they know that they will live and they know the adrenaline rush and thrill of getting on one.

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Fear is not something pleasant to feel but, this is an excited feeling for some. Although there are very few deaths and injuries on roller coasters people are still scared. Why is this? It may be because the fearful people think they are putting themselves into a dangerous situation. However this is not a real feeling of fear because you know what will happen. This type of fear is more superficial because it is more of a thrill then actually experiencing fear, given the fact that you know what will happen on the roller coaster.

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In real life situations that involve real fear, fear can be extremely stressful; you don't know what is going to happen next and you don't like the idea that scary and stressful things might happen.

A very common fear people have is public speaking. People are scared of this because they don't know what will happen when they are in front of a large crowd of people, and start to experience fear. For some, when public speaking, a million ideas of the worst things pop into someone's mind and they feel they don't know what will happen and imagine the worst. They notice everyone looking at them and imagine all the things the audience thinks about him or herself, who is speaking. They get extremely stressed and are afraid of failure and embarrassment. They don't know what to do with themselves when in the situation and just decide to do nothing of it and live with this.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022
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