The Importance of Travelling for Personal Development Essay

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The Importance of Travelling for Personal Development

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

These quotes by Saint Augustine and Lao Tzu represent thoughts of the wisest on the topic – “travelling”. I love travelling, and, myself agree with them. I have visited about 47 countries, which helped me a lot, and I gained experience in different things.

Sure, Most of you will say – “Why would I need and want to travel if I have TV”, “Nowadays we have too many technologies to go out of your country”. Well, Coming to America was a new experience for me, I got to know so much about the culture of the country and people from the inside. The most embarrassing thing for me was that Americans as a nation don’t travel much. Nowadays a lot of people have been underestimating the significance of travelling. But travelling is a very important tool and has a lot of beneficial details.

First of all, without travelling, you are not familiar with your own country. How many times has the teacher of history asked you “have you been there?”, you knew so much more interesting facts about the place if you actually visited it. Just imagine how much more could you know about your native country, opening its vast boundaries.

As well, one of the problems is that people always take things for granted. All those modern conveniences such as: electricity, food, comfortable living. There are places in the world simply without those things, and visiting those places will be a real eye opener. It also would be interesting to experience leaving in extraordinary conditions. For example, when I was in Denmark I got to know that there is a hotel that was a former jail and staying there you can experience how it is living in a jail. That would be interesting to try!

Travel helps us get rid of false beliefs about countries. For example, those things like “People in England drink tea 10 times a day” or “Russians have their own riding bears” or “Russians drink vodka instead of water”.

While travelling, you know lots of interesting facts, for example, all of those I got to know while travelling: Did you know that the smallest theatre in the world consists of 8 seats?(Denmark). Did you know that the name of Santa Claus in Finland is Yollopukki which has the word “puki”, meaning fart in Russian n? Did you know that Thailand has never been in a war, but once, and it was World War II, they joined it, and, in a day, it ended? In the United Arab Emirates Arab sheikh bought a surpassingly best camel in the country for 2.7 million dollars? Those are all embarrassing and interesting facts, I know much more of these only due to travelling. I got to know all those things while travelling, isn’t that exiting?

A very important feature of travelling is to learn more about yourselves. For example, you can go to Spain to improve your skills of learning Spanish and suddenly discover that you are really good at learning languages. Stepping to the new environment has a way of relieving things about yourself.

After learning all this information how can you be satisfied just with looking a TV show about travelling, that tells you about characteristics of the country and shows its beautiful landscapes? If you will go and visit the country it is not only an amazing opportunity to see al that yourself, it is also a great chance to socialize with people, and, of course, to hear their opinion on “what is the country like”. For example, look at the most beautiful places in the world where the sceneries are breathtaking like: Maldives Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, Britain and so on.. (Slides of the countries). Look at all those places who inspire people, serve as their homes, homes for their culture and traditions. Explore!

Wouldn’t you want to see the most beautiful places on earth and simply enjoy being there? Just give it a try, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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