The Importance of Supporting Family Members After Graduation

Taking online college courses can be a tough endeavor for working students, but with systematic planning and self-motivation, you will be successful with your goals. If you decide to enroll in distance education, this will affect everything in you, including your family. Discuss with members of your household and make sure they understand and support you all the way. You might not be able to finish your course without support and guidance from family members. With the burden of finishing deadlines, responsibilities at home and work, life can be stressful if you do not handle your schedule very well.

Set a timeline throughout the week to focus on things like homework, grocery, and going out with your kids. If you are committed, discuss sharing the load with your partner such as; babysitting, household chores, helping you with their assignments, grocery, errands. If you live with adult siblings, you can ask them to give you a break and give you some privacy, so you can concentrate on your studies.

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You can make an arrangement with your relatives and friends who can help the little ones, that would give you extra time to read your lessons. If you were originally tasked to drive and pick up your kids to school, then you may ask your spouse or a friend to do it temporarily. Preparing meals in the kitchen takes a lot of your time, instead of staying in the kitchen for an hour or two, you can prepare meals on your days off, put some in containers and freeze them, ready for another meal the next day.

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You can spend the time saved by reading your lessons and doing assignments. Before taking a course, talk to your supervisor at work and let them know what your plans are, and give them a heads up. Avoid conflicting your schedules between your work and studies. Do not start accepting longer hours of work or taking an extra part-time job if you are planning to take classes. Working full-time while studying can be frustrating and stressful, and it may affect your overall health. If your commute from home to work is almost an hour each way, that is almost two hours, you can utilize as your study time.

Download some of the video lessons in your cell phone or cd and listen to it while you drive. On your breaks or downtime at work, do not waste your time gossiping or staying at the office after work, you can spend those valuable hours reading your lessons. Set a deadline on your assignments and lessons. Make a class schedule for the semester on due dates for your assignments. It is always better to be ahead of your lessons and research, this will prevent cramping on due dates. Construct a draft plan that summarizes your study periods and your targets. You have to discipline yourself in order to be meet the requirements and be successful of finishing the course. Instructors, teachers are always ready to chat and help you if you need tutoring and support. Try to form connections and study groups with your classmates, share your experiences, and share your views, helping each other with lessons and homework. Do not procrastinate, online students are more prone to procrastination than classroom students. Oftentimes, we avoid schoolwork and choose to do something else. After planning your schedules, get focused and start to work. Make yourself accountable in every goal that you planned. Too often we let distractions steal our focus on our goals, which can let you turn a simple task into a complicated one. Instead of reading and doing our assignments, we open our laptops and chat with our friends on social media, browse profiles, open our emails. We all face distractions on a daily basis that will lower our productivity.

Limit your use of social media and make sure it does not break your study schedule. Social media is good if you use it the right way, but if it interferes with your grades, then it is time to make a decision. Find the right place of study, away from all kinds of distractions; television, games, magazines, smartphones. Go to your study room, make sure you sit in an ergonomic design chair. It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you are juggling with school, family, work, time is so fast. If you are just starting college, the changes can be overwhelming and it will affect your health. So, do not forget to take care of yourself, give a little time for leisure, reward yourself whenever you made an accomplishment or finish an assignment; buy something that you like, go out somewhere with your loved ones. Take a few breaks and enjoy life, then stress would be manageable. Eat a balanced diet, and don’t forget to exercise on a daily. Regular exercise elevates mood, reduces stress, increases energy level and improves your ability to learn. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each day, which makes you more attentive and active. Lack of sleep can affect your health and lower your daily job performance. A good night sleep will improve your test scores and academic performance. You will burn yourself out quickly if you do not take time out for relaxation, everyone needs a break from the daily pressure.

Try to decompress: go out with your family for an outing, see your best friend, have a date with your girlfriend, go back to your hobby, no matter how busy we are, there is always time for leisure as long as it does not interfere with our schedule. Do not procrastinate, online students are more prone to procrastination than classroom students. Oftentimes, we avoid schoolwork and choose to do something else. After planning your schedules, get focus and start to work. Making yourself accountable for every plan that you make, is one way to avoid procrastination. It is really a challenge to multi-task work and study at the same time, but with a good strategy and proper utilizing of time, dedication, you will achieve your goals. For working students with or without family commitments, finishing college is a lifelong investment that can never go away from you and gives you the opportunity to change your quality of life.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021
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