The Importance of Change Since People Working Together

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Humans of all different races come can come together and live as one in a country that gives freedom to all citizens that can accept others. Like in the short story “A Quilt of a Country” by Anna Quindlen. “Making the Future Better, Together” by Eboo Patel. And “Once Upon a Time ” by Nadine Gordimer. Believe that humans can all live together as one race because of what they have and what they do, what als happens in their lives. I believe that humans can come together and live as one race because of their differences like religion or race, tragedies that happen, and change plus how we can come together and work together on something that might be able to live on and bring opportunities and better ways the live united.

In “A Quilt of a Country,” Anna Quindlen argues… that the US is brought together because Terrorism and other tragedies have shown everyone that it is important to come together as one and forget about little problem and arguments.

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An example of this is when she claimed “Today the citizens of the United States have come together once more because of armed conflict and enemy attack. Terrorism has led us to devastation and unity” (Quindlen 2 ). This illustrates that when something tragic or something that affects everyone many people come together and work as one because of how an event can have a big or even little impact on them. Therefore, this idea is important because it shows us how we should set aside our differences and work together as one because many also can be affected by an event even though we are similar in some ways but are also different.

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Another instance of how laws and tragedies can bring people together is shown when the author argues “ what is the point of a nation when they are on the verge of fighting with one another” (Quindlen 2 ).

Clearly, Quindlen conveys that other countries with many differences dislike each other and are fighting to see who comes out on top as the better nation instead of working together as a whole to fix any problems. This reinforces the importance of how the US respects people and their differences and how they are able to work together as one, unlike other nations where they are fighting each other because of the differences they have between themselves. To conclude, these examples demonstrate how people in the Us are brought together by tragedies that have either big or little impact on them because it shows that they shouldn’t worry or care about what makes them different and should come together as one and work together because of tragedies like Terrorism.

In “Making the Future Better Together,” Eboo Patel argues that change can bring people together this is because as change happens ways thing and people are are done in different ways affecting people and causing them to come together as one and work together. An example of this is when he claimed “ Washington wanted America to stand for something different: not the old idea that people are better apart, but the new idea that people from the four corners of the earth could do remarkable things together, even build a new natio, and show humanity that we are better together”… (Patel 5). This showcases how changes in how they live or what takes place where they live can cause people to come together and work together and make even more changes where almost everyone can live as one with no problems or arguments.

Therefore, Patel addresses the importance of change since people working together can change how they live and what they do which makes where they live better for everyone and can bring different people together as one. ` Another instance of the author believes that change bring people together is shown when he argues that “ America’s genius is to give its diversity of citizens a stake in the well-being of the nation. That's what keeps us facing forward, seeking inspiration from the past when possible, correcting mistakes when possible.” … (Patel 6). Clearly, this conveys that our differences in the US and mistakes from our past can help us to work together and find inspiration from each other and changes what we believe was a mistake to make living as one better for everyone. Here, the author reinforces the idea of change since many of us can inspire one another to change our mistakes or what we believe isn’t right to make a better future for everyone and to change the present learning from our past.

To conclude, these examples demonstrate that change is one thing that is needed to bring different people together because not everything is right for different people and changing how we live can make living together easier instead of fighting and arguing. In “Once Upon a Time,” Nadine Gordimer believes that people are not brought together as one because of the differences and the unknown of people. An example of this is when the author claims that “ The wife said, she is right, let us take her advice. So from now on from every window and door they were living happily ever after now they saw the trees and the sky through bars.” (Gordimer 1). Gordimer illustrates that the family is living happily now that they are protected however they are also living in fear from the outside making protection where no one can go in and harm them and no longer fear the unknown since they don’t encounter them.

Therefore, this idea is important because it shows that they can’t live together as one since they don’t want to be with other people because they fear them and how it makes it hard for people to also be considered as one when they are together working as one and being united. However, in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln challenges “ We have come to dedicate this portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who gave their lives that the nation might live ” (Lincoln 3). Clearly, Lincoln conveys that we come together to thank those for their actions in order to make change or stand for something that might have opportunity to be something and make living better for everyone causing people to come together. This further reinforces the idea of how appreciating those who believe the US can be something worth taking their life makes the US a better place to live because if people stand up for something and make change people of many differences can be brought together and live in a better place.

Although there are some challenges to national unity we can still come together and lives as one however we must people able to work together and believe that we can work together for something that has the ability to make change to bring people together to have a better place to live instead of living in fear of other and the unknown. Having people live together with many differences isn’t easy especially since everyone believes in something different. However, I believe that different people from different places can still live together, in order to do this we can accept others for their differences like religion, we can also come together by helping one other after a tragic event happens, and how a place can live on to make living somewhere better. This is something to consider because living as one when most of us have many differences we should be able to agree and have changes which can benefit all of us to make living together as one easier and better. 

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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