The Importance and Influence of Social Equality on My Future Plan to Study Political Science

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Throughout my childhood I was exposed to a number of things that affected my outlook on success. My father was addicted to cocaine so we never had much more than what we needed This was hard for me because most of my other family members lived affluently, but as I look back, I am not dissatisfied with how I grew up. I have realized one’s upbringing does not determine their future. Social equality is a moral value that is very important to me.

In the future I plan to study Political Science and use the knowledge I receive to become a lawyer or a politician. Throughout my life I have witnessed many people fall short because of the preservation of appearance that triumphs justice in American society. Having experienced problems within my household in comparison to my other family members, I can clearly see that people who are well-off have more advantages than people who are not. I hope to be able to bridge that gap by coming up with ideas and solutions in the course of studying law and politics.

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When I am accepted to the University of Illinois I am going to use the resources at this prestigious academic institution to the best of my ability. I plan to enjoy and learn from the vast diversity of people on campus, along with contributing to campus organizations. Although I love to be socially active I understand fully that I am a student first. Excelling through academics is my number one priority and I know that the University of Illinois will assist me in reaching my goal of becoming the change that I want to see in the world.

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