The Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture and Indian Architecture

Globalization opened up the wall between globe and people came to know the information and cultures all around. This made rapid growth of Urbanisation and technology which resulted in losing the culture and regional identity of India. Different cultures across the world mixed due to globalization.

Due to globalization more corporate office and BPO came into India. Thus an overall employment opportunity has increased a lot and even the standards of living are also changed. The main threat of globalization is due to cross cultures and overall living styles completely changed.

The western life style dominated the Indian life style. The joint family concept was violated and migrated to an isolate family. And people are hardly connected in this life style.

The assets of India are the life style which all around the globe still admire. In Indian life style people used to live in a joint family in which there used to live with two to three generation in a single house.

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Traditional architectural of house with courtyard helped them connect each other. Due to globalization the style and architecture of building are completely changed and the connected living concept is violated.

Thus the main research problem considered in this context is to evaluate the modern living styles and architecture building in Indian and the impact of globalization towards these changes. A detailed comparison is made between the old building and new building architectures and the impact of globalization against the culture and regional identity.

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The Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture and Indian Architecture
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