The Hitchhiker II

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As Sarah turned off the motorway onto the road to Witney, the small village in which she lived, it was four o’clock in the afternoon, but already the sun was falling behind the hills. At this time in December, it would be completely dark by five o’clock. Sarah shivered. It was another ten miles to the cottage where she lived with her husband Bobby, and the gloomy light and windy weather made her feel a little lonely. She would have liked to listen to the radio, but it had been stolen from her car when it was parked outside her office in London about two weeks ago, and she hadn’t had time to replace it yet.

She was just coming into the little village when she saw the old woman, standing by the road, with a hand-written sign saying “Witney” in her hand. Sarah was surprised. She had never seen an old woman hitchhiking before. However, the weather and the nightfall made her feel sorry for the woman, waiting hopefully on a country road like this with little traffic.

Normally Sarah would never pick up a hitchhiker when she was alone, thinking it was too dangerous, but what was the harm in doing a favour for a little old woman like this?

Sarah pulled up a little way down the road, and the woman, holding a quite large handbag, hurried over to get in When she did get in, Sarah could see that she was not so little.

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Also, Sarah noticed the old woman’s hands were big and hairy. Sarah didn’t say anything. She though it would be rude to say anything to the poor old woman. She wore an old dress, and a red hat that held her long greyish hair. When she got comfortable, she whispered to her “Thank you, dearie, I am just on my way to Witney, to see my granddaughter”.

Sarah wanted to make conversation so she wouldn’t feel so awkward; the old lady took out a toffee and gave it to Sarah as a gift, for picking her up. Sarah kindly took it, but decided it not to eat it, because she didn’t like to take food from strangers. Later, the old woman started to act strange. She kept fidgeting with her bag in an odd way. Sarah was getting more scared by the minute. She looked at her in her rear view mirror and she saw the old lady taking a bloody knife out of her bag.

Sarah suddenly panicked silently; she didn’t know what to do, Sarah quickly had an idea. She pretended to hit an animal. She gasped in terror to make it seem real as she hit a big piece of wood. Sarah worryingly told the old lady, “I think I hit a animal!! ” And Sarah asked the old woman worried, “Oh, will you please take a look? ” The old lady got out of the car moaning. As soon as she got out, Sarah drove off as fast as she could. About five miles away, Sarah started to feel guilty as she saw the old lady’s handbag on the back seat.

Sarah said to herself “Oh, silly me, how can I be scared of a poor old lady? ” So she went to the nearest police station and said that an old lady that she had picked up hitchhiking had left her handbag in her car. Sarah handed in the old lady’s handbag. They looked inside the bag to find some information. They found a nametag sewn in, and found where she lived, so Sarah decided to make a visit to return the bag and apologise. Sarah nervously knocked on the door, a young woman came out, and she asked Sarah ‘What is it that you want here? Then Sarah said that she wanted to apologise to the lady that lived there.

Thee young girl looked very shocked. Sarah tried to hand her the bag but she refused to take it. The girl told her that the bag belonged to her dead grandmother. She said she died in a car accident ten years ago. Sarah almost fainted, and did not believe what she was hearing. The girl assured her that her grandmother had passed away, so the girl told her to go the cemetery and see it with her own eyes. Sarah took off to the cemetery.

She looked for the old lady’s gravestone and as she got closer to it, she saw the tin of toffees and the red hat she wore. Sarah quickly ran away in panic. A week later, the police did a check on the items the old lady had, including the tin of toffees that they recovered from the gravestone and as they made their examinations, they discovered that the box of toffees was poisonous, and made the victim weak and hallucinate. Also to their surprise, in the bag they found a very sharp bloodstained knife that had just taken a recent victim. Sarah had had a lucky escape!

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