The Fear of Terrorism and Communism in the United States of America

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As we sad before World War II had divided world into two. East was affected by the Marxist-Leninist ideas of the SSCB. America's biggest fear was these Marxist-Leninist ideas. The source of fear during cold war was these ideas. Soviet Russia was trying to make Middle East Countries completely subservient. That means a very powerful Russia in the Middle East. To perform these ideas, Russia affected even China by socialist ideas. Every country, in the Middle East, was under danger of socialism.

Countries were not important for America; important thing was economical benefits of America. A vigorous Russia would not let America to perform its imperialist economic comprehension.

However, in point of terrorism, America's fear is not related to economic reasons; it is directly related to security. After the collapse of Soviet Russia America became a very vulnerable target for terrorists. Unlike government attacks, terrorist groups can damage targets hugely, whereas its cost is very low. For example in September 11, thousands of people died.

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There was not a big cost of this operation for terrorists, even weapons were the planes of America. In conclusion America did not have concrete enemies to attack. They lose the confidence of their people. Americans started to interrogate government. As it is seen America's fear of terrorism is a result of efficiency of terrorism.

On the other hand, targets of fear are different. In this part I will use the term of target as affected side. In the case of communism target of fear is directly the American Government.

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Americans were not aware of communism or socialism, but the Government of United States did every thing to stop Soviet Russia. Because they are afraid of their economic benefits and their imperialism. In the case of terrorism, like communism, government is afraid of terrorism but unlike the communism, in addition to government, people of America, is also afraid of terrorism, because in this case people are directly affected from the terrorist attacks. They have fear of dead as a result of terrorist attacks. After the September 11 event, people understood the potential of terrorism that threaten them. Moreover, Iraq war made people paranoiac. In fact, the situation that I mentioned for terrorism is acceptable for indirect terrorism because in direct terrorism, population is not a target. So in direct terrorism target is only the state, but in indirect terrorism target are both the state and the population. We can say that if the kind of terrorism is direct its target is same with the communism, but if it is indirect terrorism, in addition to target of communism population is also target.

If we compare the subject from the aspect of their results, again we see there are some same and different sides of events. America's fear of communism caused America to be aggressive. Aggressiveness is a common result of the fear of communism and fear of terrorism. In both situations America has become very aggressive. But this aggressiveness resulted in different ways. In the danger of communism America and Russia had considered army important. America's most important arm force was nuclear weapons. For a powerful army they always explored new technologies. During the cold war, because of fears and desires technology has developed very fast. America's war industry has become very powerful during the cold war. But neither USA nor SSCB used their army in the war. Moreover, because of the importance of the information, states made big investments on secret agencies. KGB and CIA is a result of fears of states. Having valuable information means being one step forward the other state.

On the other hand fear of terrorism has different results than the communism. Terrorism pushes America to attack countries which support terrorism whereas cold war did not. Until the September 11 event America was at defense position but after he started to attack suspicious countries. Because he frightens from bigger terrorist assaults. This fear leaves America no choice but to attack other countries. In deed, these attacks provoke the terrorism, because feeble countries can not fight face to face. Instead of face to face war, weak countries support terrorism. There is a dilemma in this point, America attack the countries to stop terrorism on the other hand weak countries answers these attacks by terrorism. But the concrete thing is that America's fear of terrorism, directed him to attack, but fear of terrorism directed to develop army and technology.

In conclusion, when we compared the America's fear of terrorism and fear of communism from the aspects of source, target and results we can perceive that they have some similarities and differences. If we think basically these fears are results of America's desire to continue their superiority in the Middle East. Once they loose their control they will easily collapse because America's economy directly depends on the Middle East. Fear of terrorism or fear of communism the subject is not very important; today America has become the United States of Fear.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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