The Factors That Influence Gender Roles, Gender Identity and Gender Stereotypes

What factors influence, and may even change, gender roles, gender identies and gender stereotypes?

Cognitive theory that changes peoples goals in life might come into play also the theorputic techniques that once governed therapy. Like the gestalt therapist who justify homosexuality. This could affect the philosophy that men should be the dominate partner, never showing emotion. This new therapy could be a positive in the sense that the women might achieve more respect and say so of how things should be.

The stereotypes that men and women had to carry in the past weren't all bad. I believe men should be the head of the household and women should follow his leadership except when it goes against the normal. She shouldn't be abused and not have the last say over how she feels about and issue concerning the relationship. This new psychology "post women liberation" allows women to have sayso and authority in matters such as abortion. This could have an negative effect on her psychological make up and conflict with her mates feelings about the issue.

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The drive that is aroused by the independent age is seen in the women today. This hasn't affected all men negatively, though some have developed a laid back disposition of let her be the boss. This can cause the abuse to table to be turned in some rare cases.

Taking two schools of thought (your selection) how do schools of thought approach the topic of personality development and what is their perspective on it?

Freudian school of thought suggestion that the personality is divided into different levels of counciousness is rejected by Alfred Adler one of the original members of Freud's Vienna Psychoanalytic society.

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Adler's (theory) school of thought is now called individual psychology. Freud based his theory's on different states and regions of the mind, being Consciousness, preconscious, unconscious, id, and the ego. Adler felt that personality shouldn't be devided up because he figured that the personality is indivisible. Coming from my personal perspective leaning toward the Freudian way of dealing with personality, I believe that the personality is when disorder occur like schizophrenia a person is fragmented. The different states and regions of the mind that Freud talks about come into play when a person is out of touch with reality. For example a person might be acting on unconscious stimuli. For instance when people who is schizophrenic the individual is acting out more than one person from different states of the mind. The ego will dictate one personality when it is in control and the unconscious state will dictate another personality while it is dominating the other states and regions of the mind.

Why is it important to recognize teenagers' demand for independence as an aspect of normal behavior?

The teenager may be being influenced by peer pressure. They may have been engaged in an early sexual act or activity causing them to be at the peak of physical involvement sexuality and cognitive development low. It could be two early for that teenager to want to be adult. Even if they haven't done sexual acts they could move in that direction if they aren't disciplined and reminded that the are still teenagers. On a positive note, the teenager who is inclined to be an adult should be introduced to responsibility of adults. This would help them to want to continue to be a teenager and grow up at the right pace. Another problem that could surface in teenagers who demand independence is their involvement in drinking with their friends or using drugs. The teenager could be demanding independence because they want to get involve with the hip-hop pop culture. This could cause that clean cut kid to begin a life of hanging out drinking and using drugs. They must be taught that this desire to get out and party and be their own boss is normal but getting out and doing it isn't normal because of the price they will pay and separation from the necessary family life that is so important for growing teenagers.

What are the symptoms of depression and why is it sometimes called the common cold of mental illness?

Depression derive as a mood disorder where people show extreme and persistent sadness, despair, and loss of interest in life activities. At this level of being a mood disorder it can be categorized as a 'common cold of mental illness. The other point about being the common cold of mental illness, is that other mental illnesses can be built on the depression symptoms. The major depressive disorder is poor appetite, insomnia, weight, loss, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness and intense quilt, inability to concentrate, and the thoughts of death and suicide which when they occur to manic and the mania develops into racing thoughts ant, amorbid mood and the person is wired, this is the danger for suicide or it could lead to all kinds of other afflictions. When a depressed individual begin to have delusions and the brain chemistry of that depressed person becomes imbalanced that person could become bipolar schizophrenic or just stay in that depressed state until the get medical help through therapy and/or medication. All these things could happen to someone who catches that "common cold of mental illness."

Identify which social psychology theory best explains how people lean aggressive behavior.

Using that theory please explain how a child learns to become a bully. Cognitive psychology says that the tendency to violence happens when people actively engage in thoughts that lead the actor to violence. The child according to this way of thinking, will even if they are not intuitively aggressive may become violent from early abuse. There is a thin line between abuse and discipline. With a child being abused he could pick up that personality and consciously bully people. They could also be a bully because of some inferior complex that they have learned in early childhood, This could come about also from adults never giving the child positive reinforcements. This can cause the person to be aggressive and intend to harm another person. This individual who commits violence may or may not have a mental disorder, most do not have a mental disorder because most of them do not fit into the current categories of diagnost disorders. Yet victims of abuse when they were children, domestic violence, and rape are at risk and and have a increased chance of getting a variety of mental disorders. They still have a chance for a normal life without mental illness.

Updated: Sep 18, 2022
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