The Effects Of Internet Addiction


1.1 Introduction

Internet addiction is a kind of behavioral addiction in which a person is being addicted or dependent in using the internet. Internet addiction is a problem which cause of the different behavior of a person. This problem has an effect in a person’s emotional behavior, attitudes and the discipline. Internet addiction has many effects in a behavior of a person being dependent on the internet. There are many kinds of effects of a being an internet dependent, there are good effects and bad effects.

Internet addiction is one of the most problems especially to young people. Internet addiction means that being dependent or abusing the use on the internet.

Because of the internet there are many links/connection to everyone like facebook, twitter, and other social sites that is open to the public. This problem may cause bad effects or sometimes good effects especially on the discipline of the person but most of all bad and serious problems may come.

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Internet addiction or abusing the use of internet must be prevented to stop from having social and emotional problems because it may affect how they live. Internet addiction can also be a mental problem or being a health problem because of disregarding one’s health and having no self-control or lack of control in using too much in the internet. Internet abuse is the one or the most problems of the young people and can also ruin or not ruin their life. 8

1.2 Statement of the Problem

A person becomes compulsively dependent upon a particular kind of stimulation to the point where obtaining a steady supply of that stimulation becomes the sole and central focus of their lives.

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The addict increasingly neglects his work duties, relationships and ultimately even his health in his drive to remain stimulated. A related phenomenon, withdrawal, can also occur, wherein the addicted person comes to be dependent upon their source of stimulation and experiences dramatically unpleasant reactions when he goes without it, (According to Bursten, Julia &Dombeck, Mark, Ph.D.“Introduction to Internet Addiction”,Apr 16th 2004). Despite the agreement that excessive internet use is a key symptom, no one seems able to define exactly how much computer time counts as excessive. While guidelines suggest no more than two hours of screen time per day, this is unrealistic for people who use computers for work or study, (According to Hartney, Elizabeth PhD. “Symptoms of Internet Addiction”, September 03, 2013).

For youth, the negative aspects of the Internet include Internet addiction as well as online risks such as exposure to online victimization including harassment or cyber bullying. Excessive Internet use is emerging as one of the more negative aspects of young people’s online activities. In the literature, such extreme use is often synonymous with the terms ‘compulsive Internet use’, ‘problematic Internet use’, ‘pathological Internet use’, ‘Internet dependence’, ‘computer addiction’ and ‘net addiction’. Internet addiction, the term we use here, has been defined as the use of the Internet to escape from negative feelings, continued use of the Internet despite the desire to stop, experience of unpleasant emotions when Internet use is impossible, thinking about the Internet constantly, and the experience of any other conflicts or self-conflicts due to Internet use. There is evidence that Internet addiction has a  negative effect on academics (a drop in grades), family relations (having to hide their excessive Internet use from parents), physical health (sleep deprivation due to long hours of Internet use), mental health (depression), and finance (cost of accrued Internet expenses).

Interactive communication applications such as chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail, and online games have most commonly been associated with Internet addiction among youth, (According to Guan, Shu-Sha Angie, Subrahmanyam, Kaveri, “Youth Internet Use: Risks and Opportunities”,,2009).Out of sight of parents, some college kids further cave to online escapism or use gaming to acquire resources in-game and sell them in the real world. In a recent case. Several studies have linked voluntary and excessive online use to depression, poor school performance, increased irritability and more impulsiveness to go online (confounding addicts’ efforts, if they want to at all, to stop pouring excessive time into online games).

Kids spend an increasing fraction of their formative years online, and it is a habit they dutifully carry into adulthood. Under the right circumstances, however, a love affair with the Internet may spiral out of control and even become an addiction. Loosely defined, addiction is a disease of the brain that compels someone to obsess over, obtain and abuse something, despite unpleasant health or social effects. And “internet addiction” definitions run the gamut, but most researchers similarly describe it as excessive (even obsessive) Internet use that interferes with the rhythm of daily life. (According to Mosher, Dave, “Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain?”,, June 17, 2011).

1.3 Significance of the Study

Computer plays a big role or part in our daily lives. It helps us to make things easier. Together with the computer is the internet. They help us with the work. One clicks then copy-paste. As I said, they make things easy for us. Internet has a big part in our lives. Internet helps us to make our homework, and projects. One of the search engines is the Google. We can find the information or things here. We just need an internet connection to access the sites you want to see. Internet is a big help for us humans. As they play a big role in our lives, there are also disadvantages in using internet. We do not see these disadvantages because we are so addicted to it. One of the biggest disadvantages of using the internet addiction. Why? Because we are being slaves. We do not want to search for books whenever we have homeworks or research works.

We always use the internet in doing these things. We are so addicted in the internet. In such a point that we visit the sites that we should not see or inappropriate for the youth especially the children. Second effect is, plagiarism. Sometimes, when we are told to write for something, some of us is surfing the internet the copy and paste, that’s it. How easy it is for us to finish such a thing using the internet other than using our minds. Third, is the cyber bullying some of us are posting words and photos that are inappropriate for social media like facebook, and twitter. These sites are now used for cyber bullying. We forgot the essence of social media sites are sub alternative for communication with the people around us. Those are the 2 bigger effects of the internet to the large number of youth’s today. We are being slaves of people around us. We should always think that using internet can lead us to addiction. We should always put in our minds that we should internet for things we really need not just for fun.

1.4 Scope and Delimitation of the Study

Scope, this coverage of this study is to know what are the effects and the cause of being internet addicted. It is how internet addiction affects the people around this days or this new generation with the internet with us. This study covers about the knowledge of cause of internet addiction coming in our lives. And it is to gain more knowledge of being affected by internet addiction. This study consists of problems that are coming in this generation especially to children because of the internet. It consists of learning what are the effects of this problem. And they do this because the researchers want to express their feeling and they want to help the people who became very addicted to the internet or social media.

This study also focuses on helping people to avoid from being addicted to social media or in the internet. This study also focuses on the importance of acknowledging or noticing this kind of behavior to the youth and on the health of a person being addicted to the internet. Delimitation, this study does not cover about the meaning of internet addiction, it also does not cover about the kinds of internet addiction and also does not covers about the life of the people affected by the internet addiction. This research is limited only to the effects to the people of youth today and to the people affected by internet addiction. The researcher also limited this study to people with concerns to know about the effects of this problem to the people and especially those who want to know more about the effects of internet addiction to their lives.

1.5 Definition of Terms Used in the Study

This part will give knowledge about the meaning or definition of some words used in the study: Internet – it is a global system to link several billions of devices worldwide Addiction – it is a condition of being addicted to a thing, or activity Cyber Bullying – a kind of bullying through social media or through the use of internet Plagiarism – owning or taking someone’s work

Effects – the result of an action
Gamut – scope of something
Communication – a connection between people
Behavior – the way in which one acts
Youth – refers to young people considered as a group
For more details you can use our resources to know the definition of the term that you are finding

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