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A poem was written regarding a gentleman who some would describe as a rich man almost regal. The speaker of the poem gives s such a description of Richard Cory as if painting a picture. Given a description of a man that is thought of in the highest standards of propriety. A man that was envied by many. The speaker gives the impression that everything was golden and quite proper in Richard Cory’s life. The irony is that nothing is as it is portrayed to be.

Giving the assumption that his life was perfect, that he seemed to have it all. The appearance that nothing was wrong in his life.

The man was putting on a mask so that nobody can view his suffering. Readers of the poem can envision the type of town and area of which the poem takes place. They can view where he came from, what he stood for and most importantly what kind of a person he truly was.

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When Richard Cory went to town some would say “ he was a gentleman from sole to crown.”(L3)He was a respectful well-mannered person.“Clean favored, and imperially slim.”(L4) a good-looking attractive man. Richard Cory “was always quietly arrayed”(L5) dressed impeccably such as in a uniform. As he was always dressed in such a way that would be considered to be orderly or proper. The speaker of the poem says “ he was human when he talked”.

When he spoke to people he spoke with kindness and respectfully so.

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He didn’t treat people as if the were beneath him. People of the town thought he was he was everything. A kind person never portrayed as if he were better than someone else. Living his life just as the other’s have lived their lives. When he said, “good-morning” (L8) he mad people feel important worth saying good morning to them. When he spoke to people“he fluttered pulses”(L7) one can assume from this statement that women were attracted to him. Mr. Cory was described as being “richer than a king”(L9). As he “admirably schooled”(L9) indicates he was a well-educated man in every grace.

Richard Cory seems to have it all At times many wished they can take his place. So the people of the town continue on with their day. “Then on one calm summer night” Ricard Cory” went home and put a bullet through his head.” (L15-16) The author of the poem named Ricard Cory conveys the story of a prestigious man who seems to have it all but, something in his life was wrong. Things were not exactly how they were interpreted. The speaker sets the story in a downtown area with people on the streets doing their normal routine. As the poem continues the speaker gives the reader details of how the man Richard Cory walked, carried himself how he seemed to be so educated.

Then displaying the emotions of how Richard Cory made people feel just by saying good morning. As the speaker continued giving the description of how wealthy and well arrayed Mr. Cory was than furthering on to explaining how people admired him and how people would like to take his place as they only saw him as a well dressed wealthy person. The people of the town never assumed that anything was or could be wrong with Richard Cory. At the end of the poem, the speaker gives a tragic ending of Richard Cory putting a bullet in his head. Although the speaker does not give further information as to whether or not Mr. Cory has indeed died from his wounds or if he was declared brain dead and put on life support. The author leaves people to assume that Richard Cory had committed suicide and has died.

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