The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper

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Everyone of us has its character that either being suppressed or kept in the inmost muddle of ourselves. For a young lady like Anne Frank, writing and sharing the highlighted occasions in her life during their refuge in the "Secret Annex" located behind a rack of books in Mr. Otto Frank's office, Anne's father, has seemingly showcased the distress, longing, cravings, pain, joviality, love, melancholy and other related nouns to describe what they went through.

Could you simply picture how complicated it was concealing to a furtive place with all the horror if ever be flaunted and exposed, they'll be one of those Jews who are under heinous sufferings? And this thing, resounded for more than two years.

The survival of the 2 family, the Frank's and the van Daan's plus Mr. Dussel who undeniably forged lots of courage to keep themselves alive and hoping that at the end of the World War II they would still be alive and will be back from what routines they had in the past.

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There were likewise individuals who were helping them to have their requirements in despite of being fugitive. In addition, Anne being a growing adolescent had also an establishing affair towards Peter, the son of the van Daan's who magnified her mankind looking for love. Nevertheless, Anne's misery in regards to her mother was likewise specific in her journal.

The entirety of the story of a young adolescent lady who is cheerful, clever, book lover, and all sorts of description has an impact to every reader of her diary.

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It was composed with sincerity and that she has the ingenious workmanship in terms of composing. I admire her at that young age; she was able to read a great deal of books that is why she has a larger grasp of understanding humankind. If only she had endured, then there is no doubt that she might have been a popular writer or reporter like William Gibson, Earnest Hemmingway, Charles Dickens and so forth. Though the consequence is more satisfying-- her journal being translated in lots of languages and is really widely known in countries over the globe.

Now to dissect Anne being a thriving teenage girl who found turning back from her childhood time stepping forward to maturity, I presume that this would not entirely expound but I would try to encapsulate the foremost remarks I have observed. Anne as a daughter. We could see from her written diaries how was she being a daughter. Especially to her mom as if there was a gap between them.

The problem with Anne was that she is less uncaring and cold to her mom. She thought that her mom would not ever understand her. She longs for a mother who is comprehensible enough to accept her silliness and personality. With so much suffocation of this idea, she failed to see the goodness of her mom. That is why, to the point of being distressed that with her attitude, even his father and sister Margot, she could not at least confide to them. Anne was all idealistic of a mother that in extent her mother can’t really portray to her. In her case, it is likely a scenario of a child being abandoned by her mother and went to abroad for a living. OFW children have a worse case in terms of being deprived of real parent-and-child interaction. They just merely live in a virtual existence of relationship to their parents.

But due to the help of technology nowadays, the gap has been resolved and a much deeper relationship between can be cultivated. But not all OFW children have the same alternative type of overcoming long distance relationship. Because even I could assert a personal experience out of this. Though the modernization has taken place, I could not still exercise a booming relationship towards my mom. It has been years like this but I am actually used to this kind of relationship to my mom. Sometimes, circumstances can knock us down and we can’t afford to do something because it is prerogative still to comply with what is currently happening.

If I am to put myself to Anne Frank’s situation, it could be much hurtful and unbearable. They’re living in a single roof without any exemption of gap in terms of communication but they pass by the actual disproportion. In contrary to my situation, that there is this factor which causes a similar or most likely, or no just but related scenario with Anne—lil gap with my mother due to insatiable communication. Anne as a sister. With few insertions of her sister, Margot, I could just barely see an ample degree of tenderness with her. But they both coincide of their passion in writing and reading books. They are girls whose keenness can be seen easily.

What I want most with their conversation was when Anne ironically complained to Mr. Dussel who was heavily snoring while sleeping. Then Margot asked her sister what would she chose to hear Mr. Dussel snoring or gasping the air? That’s something I laughed about. I like how Margot thinks so crazy but she has the point. Exactly! Anne as a lover. Though still young, she had this affair with Peter.

I went bit cracked with her revealing stories in her diaries. She must have been seriously in love with Peter! It was all fun reading the pages. I therefore suppose that when you’re in love you tend to be someone who is more animalistic. Being a lover to Peter is a reflection of the true side of Anne who is caring and promising. Though, she was known to be a silly kid but when she realized that she was falling in love with this guy, she refined herself and maturity has restrained. I wonder why how this kind of “love” manifests.

I never attempted to engage with such romantic relationship that is why, with bit awkwardness, I admit I lack to relate myself from Anne’s situation. But, this would not limit me to totally understand the occurrence of “love” I had already conceived the idea of “love” but I cannot really forge to apprehend it with virtue of experience at this time. Well, going back to Anne. Since she had her period, I observed that she became conscious of herself and as time went by fell in love with this soft-spoken man, Peter.

Moreover, I saw the emptiness of Anne that she could not confide her feelings to anyone else except for Kitty (her diary). She was longing to have someone to talk to until the idea of fantasizing Peter aroused. She had an impulsive approach and if I am to scrutinize those moments she had with Peter, I think she was still young to engage with such activities suited for more mature couples. But of course we are open with the idea that their culture differs from our set of perception regarding those private interaction between man and woman.

Her infatuation also with Peter had yielded into a desire of being comprehended for who she is and at the same time wanting to help in return. She had also developed her understanding into more serious kind of conversation like those of sexuality and pleasure. Hence, we could really assert that maturity has molded her new character into a better person with much intellect and open mind.

Anne as a housemate. Though there were misunderstandings between the characters presented, they had still instilled a good relationship to one another. I admire Anne for being spirited and having concern to the people around her especially when threats were alarming them badly. I remember the famous line of Winston Churchill which was considered as the shortest graduation message of a guest speaker and that was “never, never, never, never give up”—likewise to what Anne’s evident expression of soothing her housemates.

Well if I had also experienced the same thing, just merely worrying what will happen next to me will eventually kill me in depression. But I believe, with their upheld convictions they were able to surpass and strengthen themselves to keep going and survive. Anne as a Jew. Since Jews were under the spell of captivity by the Germans you could barely see how their identity being Jews had seriously been humiliated and despised.

So I was reading the book, I was expecting that Anne being a daughter of devoted Jews should be well encompassed with faith. Yes she possessed the faith but it seemed to be not enough. She was easily tempered and often rude and cold. I also observed that she had written less about the activities that the family have during fasting, worshiping and so on, if they had. She also has that urge over Peter and her imaginations were wild and freakin’. But at some point still, she had embodied her character being a Jewish like she pointed out in her diary “Who has inflicted this on us? Who has set us apart from all the rest? Who has put us through such suffering?

It’s God who has made us the way we are, but it’s also God who will lift us up again. In the eyes of the Lord, we’re doomed, but if, after all this suffering, there are still Jews left, the Jewish people will be held up as an example. Who knows, maybe our religion will teach the world and all the people in it about goodness, and that’s the reason, the only reason, we have to suffer. We can never be just Dutch or English, or whatever, we will always be Jews as well. And we’ll have to keep being Jews, but then, we’ll want to be.” Anne as a writer and bookworm.

I admire how she has been hailed with the interest towards reading books thus there is no doubt that she had developed her writing expertise. As those profound writers would always say that through reading you will be able to hasten your skills in writing, and that is precisely true. I wonder if my interest in terms of writing had developed during my childhood I should have the advantages and able to write good articles. But, I have just seen the beauty of journalism way back in high school which is in contrary in the case of Anne that since she was a child she has been exposed already to novels, prose, and other related books.

She even aspires to become a writer saying “When I write I can shake all off my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived! But, and that’s a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?” If she only knew how favorable I am with her style.

But as what Socrates said that being knowledgeable is admitting that you are ignorant, likely what makes her commendable is that she don’t exactly knows how far her potentials exceed the measure of mediocrity in terms of writing and reasoning as well. I absolutely like her compositions together with Margot, the poem for her father’s birthday and her short story.

They even had exchange letters and in which way it alleviates the fear of waking up tomorrow without certainty of security from the Germans. Anne was also aware of the current events through the radio which makes it queer for a young girl to like such stuffs. But because it has been injected to their minds to be always mindful of the current happenings so that they would know what to do and how long will they endure from hiding. So it happened to be like that.

Now the entirety of the diary has an implication of humanity, revealing genuine account of various emotions and situations. In one way or the other, it will always have a related story which we can excerpt from ourselves. I am pondering now if I would do the same diaries like Anne, it will be a vital avenue of venting out personal sensations. The book is something laudable which moves the rational and irrational part of our soul. Anne Frank! It’s my pleasure to know you somehow!


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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