The Consequences of a Life of Total Luxury

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Nowadays, with the advance of technology, life can improve with the blink of an eye. Leading a life of total luxury means having a lot more than our basic needs, therefore life becomes easier and more comfortable. Work carried out by individuals will be carried out by machines. It is not always a dream to have such a luxurious life, it can also turn into a nightmare.

Indeed, there can be nothing better than having nothing to do but to relax and having nothing to worry about.

For example, not having to wash clothes manually is made possible by washing machines. Also, some food can be cooked in the microwave. Being able to appoint a maid was a luxury times ago, but nowadays, having machines that can help in daily household chores become a luxury, even a necessity.

A life of total luxury therefore implies that having all the requires technological appliances to carry out daily activities, thus a life of no stress is made possible.

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Besides, everybody dreams a life of no stress. This might equal to leading the life of a Royal family where one lacks nothing. In other words, leading a lavish life is a dream that everybody aspire to. However, the concept of leading a luxurious life differs from people to people.

For some people, a luxurious life is possessing all the wealth in the world, while for others it might be not having to work at all. Actually, what was perceived as a luxury long ago is nowadays a must.

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Mobile phones, cars, television and computers have integrated our life like never before. They have become a necessity in life because without them, life would equal to not having food or clothing. That is, their importance in our life can be said to have been equated to the basic needs of human kind.

However, a luxurious life goes even further beyond the idea that it makes life easier. Taking for example some celebrities who lead a luxurious lifestyle, many of them have fallen into the vices of drug-taking, Michael Jackson for example has undergone so many plastic surgeries and supposedly died from an overdose. So, a luxurious life means nothing if one does not take care of oneself. After all, as the saying goes, “Health is wealth.”

Adding to this, having in possession all up-to-date technological advances such as television and mobiles make people slave to these things. It seems that in the long run, technological appliances are going to control people instead of people controlling them. People, especially youngsters have become so addicted to mobiles that they tend to neglect their studies and do not really know the value of social interactions since they are used to virtual conversations through chats.

Also, a mobile can be a luxurious device but we cannot neglect the fact that they produce waves which can affect an individual’s brain. Being in front of the television for long period of time can lead to obesity because of the lack of physical activity. There is less communication in households, leading to tension among family members. Lack of quality time spent among family members can be due to the addiction to technological device.

All in all, a luxurious life, as its name connotes, can be a dream. Although the term ‘luxurious’ refers to a dream, the fast-pace moving life has given another definition to it, by questioning the extent to which this dream can stay a dream and not become a nightmare. Eventually, as argued in the essay, a luxurious life can be a nightmare when people become addicted to their luxurious lifestyle and neglect their family and responsibilities.

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