The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S

The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S is rooted in late 1940 when African American soldiers played a significant role in World War II. more than 2.5 million Balck African Male has registred to fight for their country and their freedom. Before and during the Wars, many Black African American soldiers were racially segregated and suffered from discrimination as they were mostly given support duties and considered as unfit to combat. However, the situation started to see a change in 1941 when President Roosevelt had issued Executive Order 8802, Ordering to accept black Soldiers and giving them fair job training.

In 1948, President Truman signed another Executive Order 9981, which is known to make a significant change in our history. This Executive has dictated an equal treatment and opportunity for all regardless of their colors Despite the Orders, Black African Americans continued to suffer from discrimination at all levels.

In 1955, Black African Americans were still segregated and required to sit in the back of the bus.

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However, everything started to changed when rosa park refused to give up her seat. Her arrest started to spread across the nation; shortly, many Black African Americans showed their support by boycotting and organizing massive strikes. This was known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and which brought national as well as international attention to the Civil Rights movement struggles.

Many Black African children were prohibited from attending public schools that were destined for white. Despite that, many states were changing their education system after 1951 due to the Original Brown v.

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Board decision. However, many states in the deep south still maintain that public schools are for only white, and not a single black African American Child has Attended an integrated public school.

All across the south region, only a few were attending school, in the 1960 only 0.15% and in 1964 the figures did not rise much, it was only 1.2% went to a school with whites. Unfortunately, the case Brown v. Board did not stop the segregation, as many schools kept function as segregated until the U.S government threatened to withhold funding from all the schools that refused to integrate all children of all kinds. By 1973, about 90 percent of Black African children attended an integrated school.

Civil rights movement continued throughout the history of our country, and many leaders were emerged from it, such as Martin Luther King Jr and many more. These leaders were the platform of many non-violent pretests such as the Sit-in Campaign in 1960 and 1963 March on Washington as well as 1964 Freedom Summer and many more. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has ended segregation and prohibited discrimination against someone’s race, color, origins of religion.

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