Causes of Child Homelessness: Family Hostility, Economic & Housing Instability

Fact: There is an estimated 300,000 young people who become homeless each year, in the United States.

Fact: Homeless youth account for 3% of the urban homeless population.

Fact: The causes for homelessness among children fall into 3 categories: family hostility, economic problems and residential instability

Ok........... Why am I telling you this? Because in Colorado there are more than 20,000 young kids who are homeless, and with less than a forth receiving support or aid. We as a community need to take a stand and show these kids hope and support for the future.

As for those 20,000 kids and teens, they are no different inside than you or I. Showing a part of your self to these kids isnt the hard part, getting these kids to show a part of themselves to you will be

By you volunteering time and efforts within our community, we can make a difference. From The YMCA to Big Brothers and Sisters, there are plenty of organizations that could use your help and guidance.

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To communicate the common goal of friends and family to these kids.

Such simple things as helping a struggling 1st grader learn to read, or to going to United Way to help out their daycare system, so a struggling mother can work her job and feel good about where her children are. By doing such little things you creat a happier place for all. And the sense of family emerges. By keeping kids off the street, and showing them; they do have a friend they can count on to be a role-model and someone to talk to about everyday stuff, isnt hard and can be very rewarding.

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Maybe you have experiences you could share and ways of to handle everyday life, just to provide a suitable framework for them to build from.

Maybe if you know some of the consequences these kids have to live with itll change your mind. Because of legal means by witch they cant earn money to meet basic needs, many of them have to turn to trading sex for food and shelter. In turn, homeless youth are at greater risk for contracting AIDS or HIV-related illnesses, it has been suggested that the rate of HIV prevalence for homeless youth may be as much as 2 to 10 times higher than rates reported of stable adolescents in the United States.

Furthermore, homeless youth face difficulties attending school because of legal guardianship requirements, residency requirements, proper records and lack of transportation. As a result, homeless youth face severe challenges in obtaining an education and supporting themselves emotionally and/or financially.

Show your humanity for others, and that we do really care, Volunteer today, and give a kid a reason to go on. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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