A Day at School: Learning About Ohm's Law and Resistance in Physics Class.

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Team 3 week 1

On Wednesday, I went to school and walked to homeclass. I had a physics class. I learned ohm's law and resistance. Voltage equal resistance multiply current. A resistor is a component designed to control the flow of electricity. I had some homework. I did my homework on the evening. I was very tired. I played computer games before I did the homework.

Week 9

On Thursday, the weather was sunny. I went to school in the morning, because I needed to see the teacher.

I spent one hour in the school, and when I went back to home was 10:20. I washed my clothes, and then I put my clothes outside in the sun. After that, I ate sandwiches for lunch. The sandwiches were made from bread ,bacon and cheese. I played computer games after lunch, and then I watched a movie on the computer. I slept long time in the afternoon. When I woke up, the sky was dark. I ate potatoes and pork for dinner.

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Week 7

On Saturday, I went to school. Many people cooked food in the kitchen. I saw Jacky in the kitchen when I was in the kitchen. Jacky is a boy. He had black hair. He helped with cooking Chinese food. I could help washing chicken , he told me. When I washed the chicken, I saw Robin. Robin also is a boy. He said he want to help me to wash the chicken. After that, I tried to cook a 'Cong You Bing'. It was good.

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In the end, I helped to cut it. The Cultural festival started at 6-7pm. I saw some Kiwi dancing. There were many different countries's people dancing. Nos-kay wore a pink skirt. Although he wore a pink skirt, Nos-kay was a boy. He danced with other people in the hall. He danced very well. I sang a song with many people. The songs name was 'On Top of the World'.

Week 6

On Saturday, I woke up at 9:37, then I had a shower. I spent ten minutes for a shower. I ate my breakfast at 10:23. After that, I opened my computer. I watched a person play computer games. His name is 'BaoZha ADC'. The computer game is 'League of legends'. I played this computer game, too. It was a good game. I ate lunch at 1:13. I ate pizza for lunch. I washed my clothes at 2:01, then I drank a tea. The tea was hot, but I liked it. I played computer games at 3:23. I spent forty-three minutes for play games. I used Master Yi to jungle. I killed three dragons in the game.

Week 5

On June 3rd, I went to 'Kai iwi' beach. The sky was blue, and there were some clouds in it. I walked along the beach. The beach was black.

On June 4th, I got up late, because I did not want to get up. I was tired. I was happy, because I could sleep a long time. After lunch, I went to 'Kai iwi' beach again. I sat on a big stone. I listened to music.

The next day, I did not want to go to school, because I wanted to sleep. I watched my phone, because it was interesting. I read a book on my phone. I ate lunch at 12 o'clock. I ate a sandwich for lunch. I liked it, because it was delicious. I did not go to 'Kai iwi' beach on June 5th.

Week 4

On Monday, I got up early, then I read a book. The book's name was 'Super Teather'. I liked this book. The teacher was a young man, and he had short black hair. His eyes were brown. He worked in a high school. I liked him, because he usually help other people. I spent 30 minutes to read book. After that, I ate breakfast, and I went to school. This Monday was cold.

This Friday was 'pink day'. We did not need to wear school uniform. I got up later. When I went to school, I saw many people who were wearing pink clothes. I thinked it was interesting. Then I went to school assembly in the hall. The hall was very big. There were many chairs inside. I sat on the chair, and I opened my phone. I saw some news on my phone.

Week 3

On Friday, I got up late, because I was tired. Then I went to school. I had an assembly. After that, I went to E5. I learned something about math. I did some work on my workbook. I went to the toilet at 10:05. Then I went to C4. I had a break time at 11:05. I ate two sandwiches and one apple. I made the sandwiches. I made sandwiches with bread and lettuce and cheese and meat. I spent 23 minutes eating lunch. I needed to go to L5 at 11:45, so I had 22 minutes left. I sat L block talking to other people.

After school, I went to the school library. I learned something about physics. I spent 53 minutes in the library. Then I walked in home. I arrived home at 4:23.

Week 1

I had an Easter camp in my holiday. I ate some food for lunch. That was good. I had some fruit. I ate some apples and a banana. I like apples.

After lunch, we went to the ground. I play some games with them. Then I ate a hamburger and a cake for dinner. I like hamburgers very much. The hamburger was made of onion, beef, lettuce, cheese and some tomato sauce. I like tomato sauce.

After dinner, I had a shower in a big box. It took me ten minutes to shower, and I brushed my teeth. On the evening, we had an assembly, and there were some people who making music. After that, I slept.

The next day, I did not eat breakfast. Then I ate something for lunch. After lunch, I went home. I could use wi-fi. I played computer games. This was my holiday.

Week 10

A person my admire. His family name is Sun, and his given name is Wukong. When I was young, I already knew him on TV. I think many Chinese people knew Wukong Sun. He is my hero, and a role model for my life now, and for my future. He do not have mother and father. He jumped out of the rock. He made a lot of friends, then he learned a lot of Kungfu, and he can protect his friends. He thought there should be no king in the world, and everybody is equal. The king waged the war, but Wukong Sun won, then a more powerful man beat him. He pressed Wukong Sun with a mountain. Five hundred years later, another man saved him, but Wukong Sun needs protect him. I like Wukong Sun, because he is brave.

Week 9

On Monday, I got up, then I went to school. I saw a red car beside the road. I did not care about the red car. Something strange happened after school, the red car was still there. The red car did not move. I did not care about the red car.

The next day, I got up, then I went to school. Once again I saw the red car. I did not care about the red car. After school, I went to the school library. I did not want to see the red car, but I saw the red car on my way home. I began to notice the red car. I did not know whose the red car is. After that, I saw the red car every day. I did not tell anyone. I think this is horrible. The red car may become the autobot.

Week 8

I am Kuan. I am year twelve. I had assembly on the hall, but I did not go the hall on Friday. I went to the dentist on the Friday morning. My host mother took me to the dentist. We found a dentist. The dentist's name is Mark. He is a man. He can say Chinese, and he said Chinese very well. He looked at my teeth, but he maybe do not know what wrong is. Then I took an X-ray. I went back to school, but assembly was over.

On Saturday, there was not rain, but there was not sunniness. It was cloud, and I wash my clothes.

On Sunday, there was a the homestay BBQ. It was very interesting, and many people will go, but I do not want to go.

Week 7

On Monday, I went to school. On my way to school I saw Michael, and then we went to school together. Break time in school, I asked Michael "where do you live". Then I know our houses are very close. We all live in Fitzherbert Ave. After school, we went back home together, too.

On Tuesday, I went to school. On my way to school I didn't see Michael. When I got to school, I didn't see Michael.

On Wednesday, Michael told me yesterday he went to Wellington. I think it is cool.

On Saturday, I saw Michael got a haircut. Then I got a haircut, too. Jacky is a barber. After dinner, I got back home. Then I did homework. I spent an hour to finish the diary.

Week 5

I want to tell you about my day. I usually get up at seven twenty and then I have a shower. I change clothes at seven thirty. Then I eat breakfast at seven thirty-five. When I finish breakfast, I usually go back to bed. I sleep a long time. I will not get up until lunchtime.

In the afternoon, I usually play computer games, and if I have some homework, I will do some homework. Then I read a novel. Sometimes I will go town in the afternoon. After dinner, the sky usually is dark, so I play computer games for an hour. Then I have a shower. After that I go to bed, but I do not sleep. I usually read the newspaper. Then I go to the toilet. After that, I will sleep.

Week 6

I want to tell you about my week. This week I get up earlier than last week. I usually get up at seven fifteen, and then I have a shower. After shower, I change my clothes. Then I eat breakfast. I usually go to school at eight ten. I eat lunch at eleven five. It is a first break in school. After school, sometimes i go to the school library.

When I go back to home, I usually play computer games.

Then I eat dinner. After dinner, I play computer games, and I have a shower. Then I go to the bed. I usually sleep at ten thirty.

This weekend have a heavy rain. So the homestay BBQ has been postponed to the 26th of March. This week is normal. Nothing is interesting.

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A Day at School: Learning About Ohm's Law and Resistance in Physics Class.
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