Symbolism in: Welding with Children Essay

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Symbolism in: Welding with Children

In the significance presentation of Tim Gautraux ‘s story “ Welding with Children “ published in 1997; certain sentences have used to introduce the symbolism and irony of real-life and values. It becomes clear to discover that Tim Gautreaux has chosen the lower classes of parents and children to present the intensity of the story and multiple aspects of life. The irony and symbolism appeared to give details of the everyday life without hiding it. The author shows a great value of life by introducing the biblical symbolism in the welding with children. By analyzing the effectiveness and imaginary use of symbolism will help us through the author’s important conclusion of the story.

Tim Gautreaux uses the story of a regular, average people who come across situations in life that they are not ready for. Bruton is the protagonist of that story, where the author introduced him as the father of four daughters who all end up out the wedlock of life, and each of his daughter struggled to raise their child and ask often help from their parents. The fact that the children have to come to their grandfather for help, make it obvious that these children were a bastard mobile (symbolism) which explain that these children were born to unmarried parents no man is actually present in their life. “trying not to think ,but the word was spelled out in chrome script on my fenders: Bastarmobile”p20.

The bed rail presented as a symbol of a sanctuary place for Nu-Nu to feel good, a place of peace where the little one finds himself in perfect tranquility. Other literacy terms were used as symbols of failure: the abandoned yard is the employment of no accomplishment in life, no success, also the use of abandonment of children is literally symbolism no apparent value, no education, no good manners; the fact that the children are spending their entire time watching television is a term uses by the author to show neglected parents who let the social media educate their children on their behalf. “When everybody was on deck, I put the three oldest in front the TV
and rocked Nu-Nu off and dropped him in the portacrib.” Tim Gautreaux , p.99”.

The symbolism of the bible introduces by the author explain how the grandfather wanted to capture a time to ask the children if their mothers never read the bible to them, “ Does your mammas ever talk to y’all about, you know, God?” T. Gautreaux, Welding with children” the grandfather wanted to change their education by reading them the story of the bible, weld himself with the children give him the opportunity to help them build an other character of life; the fact that his daughters were not married and had not have a success education, he considered himself like a failure, but for him the bible represent a symbol of restart over, get a second chance and rebuild what was missing before. “ Go join the Methodist church” asked his neighbor Mr. Fordlyson and take them children with you, he added. The search to take the children to church showed that he was determined to make his family a priority, decided what to stand for even though there was no value at this point. But committed the life of these children to God demonstrate his turning point or having a second chance of rebuilding their doing. John C. Maxwell, 2004.

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