Student Protests Demanding Free Higher Education

Recently for the past 4 years, higher education has become a great importance to South Africa. In 2015, students protests for demands of free higher education took place in almost all of South Africa’s universities. students was in demand of wanting to not have to put money into their higher means for education but didn’t fully realize as well it would have a heavy effect and burden on the economic stand still for South Africa’s economy as it is. The real problem behind the factor of higher education is the cost that is behind it for every student.

South Africa is known for expensive higher education as tuition fees increase every year. Along with there being 25 universities in the country, the factor of the tuition fees could vary.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal has many various types of classes with different prices. It’s most expensive fee for its classes is Bachelor Social Science class. The prices for most intuition fees are at least up to 50,000 dollars or more.

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President Zuma even said in a separate statement that free university education was possible, but could not be implemented overnight. By contrast, the minister for a higher education and training, Blade Nizmandi, indicated that “free” higher education for all students would not be possible, but should be restricted to students from poor families. President Zuma maintained some of the students that could afford to pay for at least part of their fees. Most of the Majority of social media in south africa, had agreed though that Nzimandi was right.

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Its true in fact that it should be restricted to poor families, its not to stereotype. But, why even give someone a chance to have free higher education, when you know anyone that usually gets something for free mostly take it for granted. Let’s be honest the youth of today, continues to take education for granted either way. they see it nothing more than an optional subject nowadays anyhow. But that is here in America, there’s no telling how well the generation and population of South Africa’s people can be nowadays.

The real struggle with the generation of today is that drive and will to want to pursue after career and a dream to make it farther in life period. Most people have hobbies and dreams, others don’t have anything to show for it only lost in the drama and conflict of their own life happening around them as it is. I point out this factor due to the fact that the population of america suffer from the same issues and mentality with their population. Ever since 2000, the human race have become more downgraded when it comes to interaction with one another. This is due to the fact of technology, our mobile devices, phones, iphones, and ipads so on.

We have become more obsolete, more short-tempered, and defensive with one another. Its to the point where we have become more blinded by the reality of what’s going on around us. This is a constant issue in America as it is, and most people don’t even see it or think it but even you read this one of your students are probably on their phone browsing facebook or whatever. This topic is a strong one and important one to think upon for most due to the fact that alot of individuals are so closed off from society. This is what builds antisocial actions and behavior, and shorten the attention span of most individuals. This issue is very funny though when you think about it. The average teenager is on their phone for most of the day everyday let’s be honest.

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