Strengths and Weaknesses of Myself

The self-appraisal provides an opportunity for me to gain further understand about myself and to determine whether I can identify my strengths & weaknesses. Once I know my strengths and weaknesses, the real question is how can I utilize my strengths to the fullest in work life and what ways to address my weaknesses. Self-appraisal is very important because it can help me to be aware of these areas where I must take initiative to improve them so that I can perform better in my workplace.

As a finance intern in OSK, I have carried out my tasks given by my colleagues and I started to recognize that I have harness my own strengths in my workplace. For past almost 3 months, I have also discovered there is a skills gap that exists in my internship training and thus I should this skills gap as an opportunity to challenge myself in order for me to close the gap. To self-appraisal myself better, I have presented my 3 greatest strengths supported with well explanation and provided various solutions to improve my 3 personal weaknesses.

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My first greatest strength is time management. Time is very precious to me because every task given from my colleagues has deadline that need to be finish and submit. During my internship training in OSK, I have to set my main priority on the primary task that is near to the due date while the other tasks have to wait until I finish the first task. For example, Wei Han gave me the documents that are ready to file in the document and he wants me to prepare the bulk payment for OSKH invoices under one batch which is due today.

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So, I decide to do the bulk payment first and I give myself for 1 hour as a time limit to finish before I can do the document filling.

In addition, my second greatest strength is my adaptability to embrace the changing environment. On my first day of internship in OSK, I am new to the finance team and unfamiliar with the working environment in the finance department because I have been study in KDU university for almost 4 years and I also have no working experience. In order for me to adapt better in OSK environment, I want to show my eagerness to perform additional tasks for the finance team so that I can cover for my team members whenever they need help. For example, I have to handle with heavy workloads by my team member such as Wei Han needs me to prepare the cash receipt for OSKH, key in the data input for OSKH petty cash claim & straight away print the petty cash voucher, and Ming See wants me to shred the old document. Therefore, I need to find new methods of dealing multiple tasks and time pressure but I really want to challenge my limit whether I can meet the due date.

Moreover, my last greatest strength is self-motivated skill to keep me moving forward. During the duration of my internship, I found my passion to be interest in my task and I will to put all my effort and time to complete the task for my team member. For example, I have been asked to enter the data inputs for staff claims expense in the Microsoft excel and I also want to learn how do the OSK employees claim for Mileage expense, Food & Beverage expense, and many more. Therefore, I have no external forces from the internship training to work every 5 days a week because I want to continue to learn new knowledge and skill.

There are 3 weakness that I want to share and one of my weakness is oral communication skills. In other words, my Malay speaking skills need to be improved. Even though my supervisor, Ms. Nicole, rated my oral communication skills as acceptable but I am aware of my shortcomings in Malay speaking. For example, I have trouble to understand what my team members mean when I can’t express their idea effectively. The only way to improve my Malay speaking skills is constant practice by learning through imitate from native Malay speakers.

My second weakness is that I have lack of taking initiative in the internship training. Sometimes, I wait for the team members to assign the tasks for me rather than actively requesting for more works to do. This is because my team member is aware that I am a finance intern and I don’t want to disturb them when they are concentrated in their own job. Although I did voluntarily ask my colleagues if they have any task for me to cover, but I believe this working style is not suitable for me as a professional. To improve this area, I decided to dedicate all my efforts onto my work responsibilities and become more initiative to commitment to the finance team in the future.

Other than that, my last weakness is I am extremely introverted, which make me to stay cautious of speaking up at my workplace. I usually don’t talk a lot and I sometime drown out by my colleagues’ conversation because I want to concentrate on my tasks in order to make sure the tasks are complete before the deadline without any distractions. It is not that I don’t like to have a conversation with my colleagues, it just that I prefer to think before I speak and I also actively listen by taking mental notes what my team member is saying. To improve this area, I should make an effort to get along with my co-workers by starting with a small talk conversation such as how long do they work for OSK, which universities do they study, and many more. Not only this method gives me the first step of stopping being introverted but also help me to build strong relationship with my team members.

Updated: Feb 17, 2024
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