Strange Love

Josh is a 39-year-old man who is going abroad to work. It is the first time he is going out of the country. He is an introvert and he does not get well with strangers. He just gets in touch with someone he knows really well. Josh had a long transit for his connecting flight and he was smoking a cigarette at the airport. He was not giving a damn about anyone else in the airport. He was smoking in the smoking room.

He had a transit for 24 hours. He did not know what to do for that long. While he was smoking, a stranger came to the smoking room and started smoking.

The stranger smiled at Josh and Josh did not give a smile back. Josh looked nervous because he knew no one else there and he had no idea what was going on as it was his first trip outside the country. The stranger asks Josh for a fire to light the cigarette.

Josh gave him the fire and the stranger asked, “What is your name?”, Josh replied “Josh” in a small voice. The stranger replied, “I am Mura. Nice to meet you Josh!” They both turned out to be from the same country. Josh felt quite relieved that he met someone from his country. Josh felt comfortable and started talking with him.

Josh felt that he had known the stranger (Mural) for long time because he was so far from the country. It is the psychological nature of every person.

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Josh got quite well with him and turned out them both were travelling to the same country. Josh asked Mural “So, why are you going there?” Mural replied, “Well, I’m going to pursue my Master’s Degree in philosophy and writing. I used to write quite a few books back in home.” Josh was happy to hear that and he immediately replied, “So I have a story of my life, would you write it down someday?” Mural replied he would write it for sure if the story was emotional and would get a good response from the audience. Josh smiled after hearing this and told Mural that it was story related to love.

Mural replied, “I love writing novels related to love. Let’s hear your story”. Josh said, “It is a long story, it will take a long time.” Mural smiled and said “24 hours transit is not a short time. Go ahead and tell your story.” Josh started narrating his story. The story began like this: It was back during his high school days in village Josh fell in love with a girl. This was not an ordinary kind of love. Josh literally fell in love with the girl just looking at the name.  Josh saw girl’s name outside the notice board on his school. She was the topper of the class. The name at the top of the notice board was Saya.

Josh just wanted to meet her. Josh was excited about the girl. He just wanted to see her what she looked like. Josh used to wonder about Saya all the time. He wanted to see her face at any cost. He wanted to see what the topper of the class looked like. He always wondered what Saya looked like. He wanted to meet her, if not at least see her. Josh used to dream about Saya all the time. They were both in the same class but they had never faced each other. Josh was a backbencher student and he used to sit at the very last with one of his friends. Josh always wondered who the girl was.

Generally, toppers tend to stay in the front row in the eastern society so Josh thought it had to be either one out of the five girls that used to sit in the front. Then one day, Josh asked his bench mate Roman if he knew Saya. Roman said, “Have you fallen in love by just looking at the name?” Later he replied he knew Saya. One day Josh and his friend Roman were out in high school cafeteria for food. Roman used to talk with every people in the class. The cafeteria was almost full that day. Four girls did not get a place to sit, Roman called them over, and the girls joined.

Josh introduced himself to the one in the group. The girl did not tell her name. Then Josh asked, “What is your name again?” The girl said, “How can the one who found my roll number not find my name?” Josh said okay tell me your number then. The girl replied, “You don’t even know my name and you want my number? That’s not fair.” The girl was very beautiful and Josh had liked her. Josh said, “Okay, so tell me what your name is?” The girl replied with a smile “Saya”.

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