Steps for a Loss-Prevention Program

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Loss prevention safety trainings are very important to overcome the situation. All the agencies must be offered a workplace safety course. Training to loss prevention supervisors & representatives must be given frequently. Training of operations, loss prevention, and technical are to be given to the employees. Similarly the following steps can be developed. EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION /INSPECTIONS: All employees must be given a proper orientation about the industry & company so that the fresh to join employees have the idea where to go.

Also important for the employee is to inspect themselves & a proper supervision is also required for them so that it can be observed in which direction the employees are working.

SAFETY CULTURE Within the organization a safe culture must be developed therefore a safety meeting with the loss prevention manager, supervisor must be carried out frequently. For all organizations it is very important to have safety officers who ensure a full time safe within the organization & coordinates safety measures.

SAFETY PROGRAM: A LP manager must create, maintain & ensure the implementation of an approved safety program which reveals the commitment to safety and will drive a thorough investigation of your safety practices SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM All potential employees must be made sure and to seriously company issues of substance abuse by making loss prevention program visible.

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Safety precautions when taken and also the protocols is a good strategy of loss prevention. Special LP equipment & security personnel can be used for the loss prevention program.

The risks can be separated, separately distributed & then separately tackled.

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Therefore risk separation and distribution is very important. Contingency and continuity plans must be developed these can be a way better strategy to mitigate loss prevention. The systems & the equipment must be Redundant Responsive trainings & Communication systems can also be a good strategy. Lat but not the least an . Insurance coverage plays a very significant role is any business/industry as in the long run this insurance can not only help prevent loss but also help a business sustain in accidents.

CONCLUSION: Industry/companies executives & loss prevention management can not be brought into alignment on the loss prevention strategy overnight. Managers by better understanding the factors causing loss prevention or diagnosing the cause can control to an extent the situation & make changes so that the gap can be bridged. An inclusive strategy of loss prevention program can be created & a culture can be formed by the managers & also the implementation of executives of such a plan can be beneficial.

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