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The JonBenet Case

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Essay, Pages 3 (578 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (578 words)

On October 10, 2013 I gave a speech to my classmates about the three most important steps in investigating a murder case. These are including separating witnesses, collecting evidence, and interviewing suspects. Watching the video of my speech, I observed many strengths and weaknesses: strengths including a lot of facts, an interesting topic, and talking at an average pace. Weaknesses that stuck out to me were my hands consistently being in my pockets and reading directly off my notecards. The first thing I thought I did well was including a lot of facts.

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This is important because it was an informative speech and the goal was to inform the audience of information about a topic they were not aware of. I feel as if adding information, that wasn’t necessarily told to the public, about JonBenet Ramsey’s case was a good decision on my part. For example, I incorporated that JonBenet’s father received a raise earlier that year of the same exact amount of money that was asked for in the ransom note.

The second thing I thought I did well was picking an interesting topic. The subject of criminal justice is just exciting all around.

From mysteries to solving crimes it is all enjoyable to learn about. Criminal justice and the JonBenet case was a good topic to choose because it kept the audience’s attention. When hearing about a mystery or an unsolved murder crime it is practically expected to stick around and listen to the end to see if it has been figured out if not people are left with a cliff hanger.

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The third strength would be talking at an average pace. If one talks too fast it’s hard to comprehend all the information that’s being thrown at you.

Therefore maintaining a good pace helps to add onto time and to keep the audience’s responsiveness. Talking too slow can affect the outcome also though. There has to be a happy medium. Now that I have discussed strengths, I will now move onto weaknesses and how I can improve them in the future. During my speech I kept moving my hands in and out of my pockets. This is considered as a distracting mannerism and can affect the audience’s attention to my hands rather than what I am saying.

I can improve this by keeping my hands to my side where they are out of the way and ignore my nervous habits. The final weakness I noticed was how often I looked at my notecards. It honestly just looks extremely weird looking up and down constantly. Memorization is key and I can improve this by practicing more often and in front of different people to get more comfortable with my words. I can’t just sit here and say I need to do this either, because it won’t change unless I continue to take action to make myself better.

All in all I thought my speech went well over all. There are positives and negatives out of everything one does. In this case the strengths were a lot of facts, interesting topic, and talking at an average pace. The weaknesses were hands in my pockets and reading directly off my cards. Both of these weaknesses are completely capable of being changed. By the end of this semester I plan to have successfully given a speech without the little mistakes. All it takes is practice, motivation, and knowledge and quite frankly I feel as if I have all three!

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