Sociological Analysis: Geyluv Essay

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Sociological Analysis: Geyluv

Hardships of Being a Gay

From the stories that I’ve read namely “Urbana at Feliza: Two Letters,” “Wedding Dance,” and “Geyluv,” the story that caught my attention the most was the third one. It made me open my eyes that up to this moment, homosexual relationships are still not fully understood and accepted by people. From my own point of view, I don’t have my own stand regarding same sex marriage but I usually don’t like gay-to-man or gay-to-gay relationships because gays left an impression to me that they do and even give almost everything they can just for them to be loved. I believe in the saying that, “True love awaits.” I also believe that right love comes at the right time and place whether you’re straight or not, beautiful or not. But I know that we, the people around them, are also the reason why they act like that.

Because of us and the way that we treat them, they become desperate and a fighter of they believe in. They are still human beings after all, they also get tired of being mistreated. Like in this story, reality in real life is shown. Mike is a man who’s scared of what people might think of him because of being friends with a gay, but in the end he wanted to make a decision to know the truth of what he really feels towards Benjie. Benjie, on the other hand, is a bitchy, defensive, scared but kind gay who is afraid of being rejected again and is searching for a meaningful relationship. Benjie’s character is the one that made me interested with the story. He was a different kind of gay. He was not typical.

Society is reflected in the story as a society that judges people with the sexuality that other people have. This was shown when Benjie told Mike that he is gay. This was also shown when Mike said that he is afraid what the people might think of him because of being friends with Benjie. I believe that it is never wrong to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or homosexual. But what makes it wrong is the way they act which is also applicable for men and women. Others may say that God only created man and woman, but what can you do if that person doesn’t feel being what he or she was? Remember that it is always best that we try to put our feet to other’s shoes to know and understand what they are going through. Besides, it’s hard to be like them. I’m sure that if only they had a choice and can be thankful of what they already are, they’ll chose to be a man or a woman which means less complications in life in terms of being bullied and judged.

The value of being hopeful was shown by Benjie because he was hoping for a meaningful relationship. The belief that gays and even same sex relationships are not fully accepted in the society when Mike said that he was afraid what people might think of him because of being friends with a gay. The role of a gay with a hope for a meaningful relationship and a man who is ready to risk something just to know what he really feels for a gay are shown. The way of life of a not typical way of thinking of a guy and a gay are shown. As for the demographics, gays are still finding their place in this world. Even though they are becoming more accepted in our world today, they are still not fully understood and accepted by all the people.

It is a socially relevant story. It reflects what kind of society we still have today. It showed that not all the people were fully able to accept and understand gays and same sex relationships. It showed that not all the people can be true to himself or herself because people around him or her can judge him or her anytime and anywhere. It showed what gays and what men who are friend with gays feel. It is an eye-opener that tells us that not all gays are like Benjie who was hoping for a meaningful relationship and men like Mike who is willing to risk something just to know what Benjie is for him.

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