Skilled Workers In The Philippines

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Deployment of carpenters is not the appropriate solution for the shortage in skilled workers here in the Philippines

The Philippines have always been the source of skilled workers who have been recruited and selected by companies in different countries across the world. However, nowadays, the Philippines is facing a scarcity in skilled workers such as carpenters. According to the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DoLE) Bureau of Local Employment, the country is not producing enough skilled workers to meet the high demand here in the Philippines and abroad.

The proposed solution of DoLE is to minimize the deployment of construction workers in the Philippines to meet the urgent need of the private sectors for workers in the Philippines.

Carpenters are among the occupations identified in the latest labor market signal study of DoLE. It is said that this job will be or expected to be one of the in-demand or viable careers in the next five to ten years. To improve the skills of our carpenters, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) offers a 160- hour courses in carpentry in various training institutions.

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The basic educational requirement to be a carpenter is at least high school graduate and have taken a vocational source in carpentry in any institutions accredited by TESDA. Most employers would require at least three to five experience in construction. High School education would normally range from Php 25,000 to Php 40,000 per year in private universities and about Php 3,000 TO Php 5,000 in public institutions. The training cost in carpentry approximately ranges from Php 5,000 to Php 7,000 in private technical schools and about Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 in public training institutions.

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However, despite all the programs and trainings developed and made to enhance the skills of our carpenters, to encourage the youth to train and be like one, the Philippines still has a shortage in skilled workers like carpenters. Now, DoLE wants to slow down or stop issuing and processing the employment abroad to have some skilled workers left here in the Philippines and meet the demands of private sectors.

Speak for all those carpenters who decided to work abroad for financial issues but will now face problems with their job employment abroad because of this solution made by DoLE. Those carpenters have no choice but to work overseas for staying and working here in the Philippines will do them no better. The carpenter’s fee in this country per day ranges from Php 400 too Php 600 depending on their skills. However, in countries like United States and Canada, their average monthly salary is $ 3,083. The wages of the carpenters here in the Philippines will not be enough to attain their basic needs and wants especially now that there is an inflation rate with the prices of almost all the commodities. Carpenters are also not valued by some people. One of them is Mr. Tulfo who just recently labelled them as “lazy”. They are the ones who work all day under the sun and uses their talent and skills yet they are called unskilled workers by others. They are the ones who work themselves to the bone yet were called lazy. The government should have an alternative solution for the problem aside from stopping the deployment of construction workers abroad. The government should not stop these carpenters from working abroad because only by doing this, they can afford their basic needs. Instead, they should give them a reason to stay, bigger reason than what urges them to work abroad. Increasing or raising the wages of construction workers might encourage some skilled workers to stay in this country for it is the main reason for them working abroad.

Carpenters play an important role to the economy of a country. Their skills and manpower are needed in the local construction sector for the administration’s programs. All should know the value and position of these carpenters. The government may be the one who makes plans and decisions, but these workers are the ones who put those plans into actions.

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