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SJR Group is coming-up with the dream project of millions named as SJR Trillium proposed at Hosur Road located at an ideal location which provides connectivity to Electronic City, Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, and ITPL. This prime location strategically planned to save your invaluable time. SJR Trillium offers you well furnished 2/3 BHK well furnished apartments with the size ranging from 1258 sq ft to 1650 sq ft. The price of the property is in affordable range, which starts from 32.58 lakhs onwards.

SJR Trillium is an ideal opportunity for investors who are looking for the investment in real estate industry.

Each apartment will make you feel delighted and at the same time you will get an opportunity to choose the apartment of your choice that will suit to your family. In addition, booking procedure is made easier by the group like never before, you just have to draw a cheque in the favor of the developer and have to drop at the booking counter and in return you will receive Booking Confirmation Receipt from the builder.

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Hurry-up the booking is opened for the limited period for these elite class apartments.

The whole project is initiated to provide its inhabitants world class amenities, club houses with party hall, gymnasium, snooker, table tennis, shuttle court, children’s play area, badminton court, swimming pool, and many more to make your life more comfortable and relaxing.

SJR Group was promoted in 1973 and since then the group started a highly dedicated and committed mission of infrastructural development by constructing airports, highways, and flyovers.

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In the period of globalization and in phase of international mergers and acquisition, the group has initiated a unique blend of comfort and professionalism into residential and commercial development.

The SJR group is one the pioneer in implementing corporate governance and modernization in the real estate industry of Bangalore. In addition, the group is also offering unmatched contemporary design with long lasting quality by recognizing the taste of the targeted audience.

SJR group has started the booking for affordable residential housing projects SJR Trillium Bangalore located on Hosur road, 5 kms from Silkboard a vast expanse of land that spans about 5 acres, SJR Trillium is an architectural marvel, with a perfect blend of aesthetics, greenery and modern living, The lush green surroundings and large open spaces makes SJR Trillium a unique and exciting place to live in.SJR Trillium is located off Hosur road near central Jail is well connected to Electronic city and easily accessible to Sarajpur Road.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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