Six Step Problem-Solving Method

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For this paper I will apply the six step process on how to teach responsibility and encourage confidence. I will present a mixture of ideas using this approach. Sometimes when faced with a problem it can be overwhelming to consider all the choices and consequences. It is helpful to have a technique to use in making decisions. The six-step problem solving method is helpful in making decisions and coming up with solutions. These six steps are defining the problem, analyze the problem, generate options, evaluate options, make your decisions, and implement and reflect.


Your child is assigned a school project. They are very excited and ready to work immediately, doing research and gathering materials. You look over the assignment and notice your child is not including the required items. You have some ideas to improve the quality of the presentation. You read a parenting article about the importance of a child developing responsibility for their own learning. You want to encourage your child confidence in their ability to complete a project independently.

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The next day you see a parent of a student in your child’s class at the grocery store spending money on supplies for the project and is taking a day off of work to put the project together.

The first step of the six step problem-solving method is to define the problem. How to enhance his desire or skills for developing responsibility for his learning. And your desire to help, or not help the child complete his project.

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He is not including all required items and his is excited about the project. He needs to be good learner so he will have more confidence in his own abilities i the future. After defining the problem, the second step in the process is analyzing it. My job is to help the child, and encourage him and his responsibility is to listen to me so he can perform to the best of his ability in school and on his projects. I will try to enhance the learning and independence and not do everything for him because he will not learn that way. He didn’t obtain all items needed for the project or didn’t understand the requirements.

I will Focus on teaching the child how to read an assignment completely, work on his independence and accountability and not interfere. I would talk to his teacher to find out how he is doing in school and if he’s having trouble with his assignments. The third step in the problem-solving process is generate options make sure he don’t fail and make sure he’s confident. In the future make sure he reads over everything completely and look over it a few times. Keeping a positive attitude around him about learning. Make sure to get plenty of rest and take breaks. This can improve both focus and attention. It will also increase productivity. If I don’t help at all he could lose points for not completing all the parts of the projects or I can do the project for him and make matters worse.

The fourth step in the problem-solving process is evaluating options. I could buy all the items for the project and start on the project without him and the project will be done faster and be better but if I do that, my child will not learn independence, accountability, he would not have pride in his own work. I will look over my child project to check for mistakes, then let my child correct them. This will help lead and guide them to the right directions. It will also help build their confidence and provide them with the ability to work on projects in the future. I will remove distractions so he can focus on the project better.

After the fourth step is make your own decision. When my child get another assignment I will sit with him making sure everything is covered and he understands. He needs to learn the right way. You can accomplish more by working alone. I wouldn’t do the project for him. He need to be able to do the work himself. This teaches him independence. The last step in the problem-solving process is Implement and reflect. In the future I would keep track on everything I’ve done and look at the progress. I will go through the same strategies to make sure he reach the target.


To sum it up we face problems throughout life. Applying the problem-solving steps will help solve problems. It will also make things easier and give give you a better understanding on how to deal the with the situation.

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Six Step Problem-Solving Method

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