Short Wave Diathermy (SWD)

Short Wave Diathermy is the useful use of the excessive recurrence of the substituting cutting-edge that produces electromagnetic energy and gives profound warming in joints and delicate tissues. excessive-recurrence electromagnetic energy is going through the patient's body and fed on via the frame tissues. given that frame tissue has a voluminous range of debris, this energy makes the debris flow in distinctive ways, making erosion. therefore, it could ease joint torment, enhance delicate tissue mending, and decrease the aspect consequences of osteoarthritis.

Warming impacts of the fast wave diathermy reason grating among the shifting debris and encompassing tissues. The longitudinal loop shape of short Wave Diathermy constant conveyance of an entire area. just recognition SWD warms tissues which might be brilliant conductors, as an example, muscle and veins. fats tissue (fat) gets small warming via popularity fields seeing that an electrical drift isn't in reality experiencing the tissues.Indications Someone can use it in conditions caused by chronic spinal pain, sprains and strains, and postural dysfunctions, much like superficial heat.

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Like our non-thermal agents, we can use pulsed diathermy to control pain and oedema.

Pulsed SWD facilitates healing of wounds (decubitus ulcers, burn-related post-surgical injury).o Spraino Straino Degenerative joint diseaseo Capsular lesiono Bursitiso Joint stiffnessContraindicationsUsing SWD on some conditions could be bad or dangerous at some point. As examples following conditions could be occurred. o Malignant tissueo Severe / excessive edemao Metallic implanto Cardiac pacemakero Over wet dressingo Acute inflammationo Infected open woundo Unreliable patiento Impaired thermal sensationo Recent radiotherapyo Pregnancyo Severe cardiac abnormalityo Blood pressure abnormalityo Anesthetic areao Tuberculosiso Tendency of bleedingo Reproductive organ

Uses of SWDo Rheumatoid arthritiso Chronic osteoarthritiso Tendinitiso Capsulitiso Pelvic inflammatory diseasesPhysiological effect of SWDshort wave diathermy machines use condenser plates to be dealt with, which are positioned on both side of the body component.

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every other shape of utility is pliable induction coils, which may be molded to healthy the body part below therapy. As high-frequency waves travel between the condensers or the coils thru the frame tissues, they rework them into heat.warmth and penetration depth depend in element on the tissue's absorptive and resistant residences encountered through the waves.Infrared Radiation (IRR Lamp) Infrared heating uses infrared lamps, commonly referred to as heat lamps for transmitting IR radiation to the heated body.

IR lamps are often used in banks when bodies with a large surface area need to be heated. Infrared heat lamps are generally incandescent bulbs that can produce radiation from the IR. IRR is regarded as superficial heating.Indicationso Painful muscle conditions.o Muscle spasms.o Acceleration of healing.o Subacute and chronic inflammation.o Prier to stretching and mobilization exercises.o Some skin conditions as fungel infection.

Contra- Indicationso Acute inflammatory conditions.o Impaired cutaneous thermal sensation and circulation.o Peripheral vascular disease.o Markedley loss of consciousness.o Acute skin disease, e.g., dermatitis or eczema.o Deep X ray therapy.o Defective blood pressure regulation.o Acute febrile illness (Fever).o Tumer of the skin.o Hemophielia.o Unreliable and elderly patients.o Never apply heat directle to eyes or the genitals. o Never heat the abdomen during pregnancy. (first and last trimestr )Uses of IRRMuscle & joint conditions: Muscle strains, skin rashes, nasal polyps, joint pain, ear aches, possibley eye problems, possibly toothache, , acne, boils, and maybe other eye, nose, ear and cinus conditions. There may also be pain in the neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and back. In case of low back pain, knee pain, nerve root iritation and other local conditions, relief has also occurred in one or two days.Injuries: The lamp works best for "cold" infections of the fungus. This includes most infections of the sinus, some infections of the ear, some infections of the intestine and others. It may irritate infections and conditions where a lot of heat or inflammation is present, such as a recent injury or some "hot" infections.Shine the red lamp on the thymus gland for a general treatment that can be surprisingly effective, moving the body or lamp as close as possible without causing a burn. The thymus gland is at the breast bone level. A treatment should last approximately 15-20 minutes and for a severe infection can be repeated three or four times a day.Treating babies: The lamp can help with colic, constipation, anxiety, irritability, etc. Highly recommended not to shine the light close to the eyes of a baby or at the head of a baby. Because it can be really harmful for the babies health and life. Treating grown children: The skin may respond to rashes, blemishes, and other skin conditions. Teenage or adult acne often respond beautifully, often for 5 - 15 minutes per day in a couple of days with just one or two treatments. IRR treatment really helps them.Treating the ears, eyes, teeth and sinuses: For conditions involving these areas, the single lamp can be very helpful. However, because they are on the head, it is recommended to use the light at one time for more than 5-10 minutes. Then the patient should wait for another session for two hours or more. Also, when using the light close to your eyes, keep patients ' eyes closed.Physiological effect of IRRo Increases local temperature superficially.o Increases local metabolism.o Increases capillary permeability and blood flow.o Increases lymphatic and venous drainage.o Increases vasodilatation of arterioles and capillaries.o Increases leukocytes& phagocytes activity.o Increases axon reflex activity.o Increases stimulation of sensory nerve.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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