Rio Grande Supply Company Essay

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Rio Grande Supply Company

Jasper Hennings, as the president of Rio Grande Supply Co., knew that a company’s top executives are responsible for determining an organization’s corporate culture. He took such personal pride in the culture of his Texas-based wholesale plumbing supply company. His management sets good examples by living by integrity, honesty, and respect for each individual employee. They were using internet for their personal purpose. The policy allowed for internet access is only for business related activities. But the management has the right to access to any one e-mail, and he has also installed new software to short cut the system. But things became serious, a female employee got fired by Henry Darger for having accessed another worker’s e-mail. But she found that Darger was logging to pornographic sites when he shuts his office door. The president was in problem because he didn’t want to loss Henry Dargen and wanted to treat him differently.

Question No. 1

The internal environment factors which have helped to create the situation Jasper Henning face. In this case, Jasper Hennings was the most responsible body to the company. But he did not care and think a moment about the integrity, honesty and respect to each individual employee. As a top manager he must follow day to day activities that reinforce the cultural vision, to prevent from something violating the corporate culture. Jasper Hennings should reconfigure the way which adapts culture values.

Question No. 2

Even though Jasper Hennings provided some right to access on what employees did on the internet, but still someone who violate the rule of the organization, some illegal things did by the chief of the company. In this case, they are two kinds of values conflicting. Values conflicting usually have bad effects to either the employers or employees. Value conflicting may cause the employee dismissed in the company, it affects the organization and it increases the company spending to hire new employees. In a company, when values are in conflict, the company should know which value can create positive power and more organizational. The manager in the company can then get to decide which value goes first.

Question No. 3

Organization is an important role in a company. Organizational culture is the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by members of an organization. In this case for facing the situation of Henery Darger, Jasper Hennings aliening corporate culture with organization strategy, motivation of work force, and organizational culture should be flexible. Build democratic culture based on open information and employee participation, transparency, involvement and indiscrimination. Right values should be defined and articulated in the company. That is a problem about how to define what right values are. It is useful for making continuous assessment and supervision in order to get feedback for corrective actions, to enhance communication in order to create participation and get involvement of the respected employees.

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