Review Of ‘Gravity' Directed By Alfanso Cuaron

'Gravity' directed by Alfanso Cuaron starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the title roles is hugely heralded as one of the most path breaking movies of recent times in terms of technological advancement in film making and the zest to attempt an entirely humane movie on a concept like space missions. Based almost entirely as a tale in outer space where quite a many things go wrong for the Medical Engineer Dr. Ryan Stone essayed by Sandra Bullock and the veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski essayed by George Clooney who are on a space mission to repair the Hubble telescope.

Dr. Ryan is out on her first space mission going about her work when they learn that a satellite has exploded and debris is headed their way. When their own satellite is destroyed, first few minutes into the movie; the two of them have to fast figure out ways to move about in space towards other satellite's to find their way back to earth.

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Multiple nerve-wracking incidents notwithstanding, the Doctor and astronaut try to find a way back over a series of mishaps. This movie is a tell all guide that goes about executing everything that could go wrong on a space mission, so much so that after a while you have to wonder if they are lost in space or you yourself are lost in their plot line.

Cinematically, this movie does a brilliant attempt at showcasing the expanse of space. More than the actual how's, it focuses on human emotions.

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It portrays the effect on human psychology, when things go wrong. It shows the capabilities and weaknesses of mental strength and will power. As the movie dwells deep into space, we as viewers also dwell deep into the psych of the protagonist. There are backstories that haunt our protagonists and moments that make them marvel at their very own existence.

The makers try their very best to ensure that the science and physics in the movie stay as true to reality as possible. Yet again after you come out of the movie theatre after experiencing a movie like this, you cannot help yourself from googling its misses; The most notable one being the lack of a diaper in our female protagonists underpants throughout her adventure in space.

Most of the elements of space created on the movie are virtual. The CGI, Animation, Robotics elements in this movie have managed to create a virtual space like environment convincing enough to not raise a moment's doubt in the viewers’ minds.

Long story short, it is a very different movie deserving all the buzz it generated around itself. The focus on human emotions in an abyss that keeps replicating itself on various levels was sure the surprise element of this movie. Bullock delivers her part, for most part of the movie and Clooney goofs around bringing the guffaws along.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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