Restaurant Concept Statement Essay

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Restaurant Concept Statement

Cowgirls Steakhouse will be fun, country style restaurant that serves southern comfort food. It will be located right in the heart of Austin, the capital of Texas. The goal of the restaurant is to make every guest experience a great and exciting one and to serve good quality food at an affordable price.

It will be a great place for almost any occasion because we will accommodate big parties and provide excellent service while making the experience memorable. The atmosphere of Cowgirls Steakhouse is going to be inviting and invigorating. As you walk in to the lobby, the aroma of the steaks, smoked brisket, and barbequed ribs will fill your nose, along with the sweet smell of freshly baked biscuits and apple pie. We will have the best of the best country music playing throughout the place that makes you feel like you are at a rodeo about to saddle up. The hostess’ and the servers are going to be women that are dressed up in cowboy hats, button down long sleeve tops, blue jeans, belt buckles, and boots. Each of them are going to be ready show you a great time and provide you with professional and friendly customer service.

The walls of the restaurant will have great country décor including hung up horse saddles, ropes, horseshoes, cast iron skillets, framed pictures of country legends and cowgirls, neon light beer signs, etc. The floors will be covered with peanut shells, but it’s not trash, it’s decoration for the country folk! As you are lead into the dining room and seated in your booth or table with chairs, you will be given a big bucket of peanuts for a small, free starter. Don’t be shy! Go ahead and throw the peanut shells on the floor when you are done. Our house is your house. We will even put a southern touch on the beverages by serving all of the non-alcoholic drinks in Mason jars. When it comes to the alcohol, we will have many kinds of imported and domestic beers, creative and classic cocktails, and aromatic wines.

If the bar is where you are headed, then we hope you enjoy the several plasma screen t.v’s we will have above the bar that are playing different sport’s games. Don’t miss the big game just because you wanted to eat some great food. Maybe you come with a hankering to party a bit more, well than head right on in to the second section of the restaurant. This closed off space will consist of another full bar, bar stools and tables, and a small stage at the end where we will have great live country bands playing every Friday and Saturday night. We will have all the best things in one; great service, great music, and damn good southern comfort food.

Although this is a steakhouse, amazing steaks are not the only thing we will be known for. When you think of southern country style food, you think brisket, ribs, fried chicken, and chili. Well that is exactly what we will offer. We are going to slow smoke our brisket overnight so when you take a bite it almost melts in your mouth. The natural smokey flavor couldn’t get any better. Our ribs with our brown sugar based dry rub is also going to be one of the highlights on the menu. The flavor and tenderness of them are out of this world.

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