Report On Internship At Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is Pakistan's leading integrated gas Company. The company is engaged in the business of transmission and distribution of natural gas besides construction of high pressure transmission and low pressure distribution systems.

SSGCL transmission system extends from Sui in Baluchistan to Karachi in Sindh comprising over 3,220 KM of high pressure pipeline ranging from 12 - 24 in diameter. The distribution activities covering over 1200 towns in the Sindh and Baluchistan are organized through its regional offices. An average of about 388,828 million cubic feet (MMCFD) gas was sold in 2009-2010 to over 2.

5 million industrial, commercial and domestic consumers in these regions through a distribution network of over 37,000 Km. The company also owns and operates the only gas meter manufacturing plant in the country, having an annual production capacity of over 750,000 meters.

Vision Statement

To be the leading integrated natural gas provider in the region seeking to improve the quality of life of our customers and achieve maximum benefit for our stakeholders by providing an uninterrupted and environment friendly energy resource.

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Mission Statement

A commitment to deliver natural gas to all door steps in our chosen areas through continuous expansion of our network, by optimally employing technological, human and organizational resources, best practices and high ethical standards.

Customer division

As SSGC is a distribution company and they are not the producers. Therefore their main concern is the distribution of gas to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial users. Gas Sales Cash department is responsible for the management of the above mentioned three type of consumers.

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As the rates charged from these three types of consumers are different so they make different accounting entries for them. Every consumer has been given a consumer number, which gives the indication that whether the consumer is domestic, commercial or industrial consumer. I learned how the customers are divided into categories here in SSGC. There are three types of divisions:

  • If the 1st digit of the consumer number is 9 then it is an industrial consumer
  • If the 3rd digit of the consumer number is 9 then it is a commercial consumer.
  • Other than this are all domestic consumer numbers.

Maintaining the process flow

Since the major part of Sales department focuses upon the distribution and customer management, my part was to support my reporting manager in the following process flow for the surveys conducted in different areas of the city:

  • The process starts from meter reading.
  • After the meter reading is done, the bills are then formed and then are raised to the consumers.
  • Daybook is then formed, related to the sale of gas. Data is punched on daily basis in the daybook. This daybook contains the complete record of each and every consumer including the volume of gas sold, meter rent, quantity etc.
  • Any kind of customer complaints is dealt with including wrong billing adjustments.
  • All the data is then updated by the accounts department and the adjustments are the made related to customer complaints collected by us the sales representatives.
  • The data is then recorded in the computer system. The system is monthly updated on the basis of fixed price approved by Government of Pakistan. The system automatically calculates the consumer’s bills on the basis of units shown by the meter reading.
  • General Sales Tax is then paid to the Government of Pakistan on the overall collection of the month.

Gas meter selling

Another learning of mine in the sales department was to understand how the meter selling is done at SSGC. Meter plant has mainly two customers. One is SSGC LTD and other one is SNGPL LTD. Price for the sale of meters to the SNGC LTD is negotiated between the two parties as per the requirements. SSGC provides the plant meters at the cost price to the parties. Therefore, no profit no loss exists in the transaction of selling. SSGC LTD and SNGPL charge meter rent to domestic consumers. Hence, it becomes a huge source of income.

Payment management

My part started when the fresh invoices used to come through courier of operators in the field, from which SSGC purchase gas, they are sent to KT – Karachi terminal, (KT is the area where the transmission network is setup, all gas purchased is passed through KT, meter reads the value of gas input. I had to send Invoice to KT for verification, except 3 fields, one of which is zamzama, because the payments for those fields have to be made immediately, which leaves no time for verification, in case payment is not done fine is imposed. After receiving verification from KT that the gas purchased mentioned in the invoice is equal to the readings of meter reading of KT terminal, I had to get the invoice punched into oracle financials and payment voucher for invoice and get attached for further signatures. GST is paid in Rs, while excise duty is paid to the operator; payments are done in dollar if the operator is foreign based company. Payments to foreign companies are paid within time framework while payments to local government organizations such as OGDCL, PPL are sometimes delayed as well which give rise to LATE PAYMENT SURCHARGE. Late payment surcharge – if payment is made late then surcharge has to be paid to E&P companies, there is a very high amount of surcharge due on SSGC because of late payments to government organizations, which is not paid yet, because of reasons such as government organizations dealing with government holding organizations have consensus about payments issues. Surcharge is recorded in case if it is to be paid.


Sales Department being the interface of the Company endeavors to provide services to the prospective and existing consumers of SNGPL, while maintaining integrity and practicing ethical standards. The department provides guidance and feedback to the customers in resolution of the grievances especially pertaining to Sales activities. The department forms an integral part in negotiation and finalization of gas sales & purchase contracts (GSPA’s, GPA’s and GSA’s) with the Gas Producers, Suppliers, Intermediary Parties and Corporate & Retail Consumers for both Indigenous and Imported Natural Gas (including Regasified Liquefied Natural Gas i.e. RLNG).

Theories Learned in Academics and Their Application

During my 6 weeks internship at Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), I interned in the Sales department and I had a chance to apply quite a lot of concepts, formulas, and formats that I have learned in IoBM. I also observed the same being implemented by others in the company, for example.

Organizational Behaviour

With the help of this course I able to understand how employees act as individual and how interact with their subordinates. Managerial control has a critical role in the organization. How manager leads the team, interacts and runs the company it overall affects the working environment. I observed work place conflicts among different levels were low, because of even distribution of workload, where the collaboration level between manager and staff was high. The culture of the workplace affects the overall motivation level and productivity of employees.

Sales Management

Sales management course, it made me capable to determine the increasing competition and the need for improved methods of distribution to reduce cost and to increase profits. Sales management today is the most important function in a commercial and business enterprise.

Business Ethics

It was all about how an employee is supposed to operate in a business environment where there are guidelines for good and bad. This internship helped me practically understand the business values and learn to work in accordance with them. My mentors taught me with leadership approach yet with humility and always focused on honest transparent business conduct. The major business ethic I learned and practiced in Evolution was keeping the confidentiality of the information. My mentors shared account data and experiences with me for my learning sake but I was also taught alongside to keep the data shared confidential, as this is how a loyal employee does.

4. Principles of Management

My instructor taught me self-discipline and time management skills through this course, which were put to a good test when I had to meet deadlines and submit my survey reports within the allotted time; as they had to be further used for dealings with clients on pre-decided date and timings. It also taught me how we should always stay focused and try hard even though the clients/ goals were hard to reach/get.

Financial Institution

Financial institution course is of very much importance as it explains us how financial institutions work and generate profits.

Methods of Business Research (MBR)

This course had taught us how to conduct a research and write a report, this was practically put to use when I had make a questionnaire and show the results of the questionnaire. It was easy for me to conduct the surveys and present them in a professional manner because of the knowledge of this course. I knew how to make the questions, what should be the criteria for the answers. This course was taught to me by Sir Usman Waraich. I used this course’s knowledge during the employee satisfaction survey. The course taught me how to conduct a research and develop questionnaire. The key factors that were necessary to formulate such a questionnaire were kept in mind that was taught in this course.

Business Communication

The business communication course has its application that is to write email and letters. For example, if a debit lock has been requested by client over telephonic conversation then to remove it, an application has to be signed by the account holder and we have to provide that application. Also, certain head office 6 email queries have to be answered. This course helped me in writing email responses. Also, this course helped in communicating with clients in a more professional manner.

New Theories and Concepts Learned

One of the major reasons for internship is to make sure that students get a hint of the practical atmosphere of the corporate world; this surely is overwhelming as expectations and reality never coincide. Nonetheless, this allowed me to learn new things and made me understand that how the practicality aspect plays its part. I learnt following software:

  • SAP
  • Oracle


It was an amazing and a learning experience during our 6 weeks internship program. Not only did I learn about the department, but also we learned about the corporate culture, the values and norms of the organization. I learned the importance of work, and by being under different supervisors for 6 weeks, I understood how important practical life is. I observed customer relation management in sales department and understood how vital it is for any business.

Lastly, I aim to use my experience and perform even better in the life ahead and become good citizens of our country.

Having interned at SSGC got immense exposure to the norms and practices of the corporate world. I also realized that how each corporation in the industry has different set of procedures and method for the same function as compared to each other. Everything that we learnt in theory seemed different when they were applied practically.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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