Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility: Balancing Profits, Ethics, and Social Impact

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Corporate social responsibility


The term "corporate social responsibility" Corporate social responsibility, in my opinion, refers to how a firm should conduct itself in order to have a beneficial overall impact on society. I observe the management's constancy in how the team and the inner circle operate the company where I am currently employed. Included are both the scope and quality of the impact on society in various contexts. According to Abraham (2012), a company has a duty to represent both society and the financial interests of its owners.

One pair will be given to a kid in need for each pair of Tom Shoes sold. I have a pair of Tom’s shoes myself and I'm proud to be able to give a pair of Tom’s shoes to a needy boy. Toms Shoes, being a socially conscious business, had adopted a shoe design from Argentina because he saw so many children without shoes, but at the same time the adults wore a very plain but still comfortable shoe that attracted the attention of Blake Mycosis.

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. Carroll's four-part concept accurately captures the overall responsibilities of an organization. According to Carroll, Bocholt, and Brown (2018), "the total social responsibility of business entails the concurrent fulfillment of the firm's economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities." To satisfy a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR), these four elements all function simultaneously. Profit-driven economic responsibility to ensure economic sustainability Legal responsibility: Comply with the law as it serves as society's codification of right and wrong behavior.

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Ethical obligation is the duty to act morally. Philanthropic responsibility – Good corporate citizen by contributing financially and providing human resources to the community. Having said that, I think the businesses in Newark and the casino sector are implementing all four of Carroll's CSR definition's elements. Because a firm cannot be lucrative or survive without profits if it lacks economic responsibility. Due to the fact that laws are designed to protect individuals, businesses must be legally responsible. Legal and ethical duty are intertwined since a business must always act morally, which is typically in the best interests of its customers. The gambling sector and the businesses in Newark, however, differ in how they carry out their charitable duties. For instance, McCarter & English is a business that helps Newark by hiring low-income veterans, victims of human trafficking, and deserving persons who are applying for expungements. They are providing jobs to the less unfortunate and a second chance at life to those who deserve it. Social responsibility and being a good corporate citizen is a growing trend in recent years because of the rapid technological changes in society. As social media platforms have grown in popularity, consumers now have a stronger voice and are more informed about environmental issues. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept that businesses have obligations not only to their shareholders, but also to society as a whole, and that they must act in social and environmentally responsible ways. This is known as the "triple bottom line," because it measures and responds to social and environmental repercussions in addition to profitability. The "three Ps" of the triple bottom line are people, planet, and profit. Businesses that prioritize people take into account all of their stakeholders, including customers, staff, and the communities that are touched by their operations. By focusing on the planet, businesses promise to reduce their environmental effect. Corporate social responsibility means assessing a company's success in terms of its social and environmental impact as well as its financial performance.

Updated: Aug 04, 2023
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