Recollections of My Memorable Trip to Sohoton

Sohoton is a magical place in a hidden paradise. People find it very mysterious that they are captivated. It surrounds with a beautiful, vivid colors.

I would like to tell you my best summer vacation I had one year ago, we all planned to go to Sohoton in Surigao. The next day, we all woke up early in the morning because it is a 3-hour ride. As we rode the boat we can hear the crashing of the waves as it collided with the shore.

The smell of salt air that touches our nose and the cold breeze that blows our hair away, the crystal blue water that shines in the ray of the sun, the flying fish that caught our attention, it was so mesmerizing to look to our God’s creation. When we first set foot to the island the white sand bury my feet as I walk further to take a glimpse of the place, indeed it was so majestic all I can see is the beauty of nature.

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The palm trees that dances to the rhythm of the wind, as I lay the blanket in the sand something caught my attention It was a small shiny pearl my hands automatically get it as much I want to keep it but I can’t because it does belong in there.

As we swam around the cold water I let myself float, it was so very relaxing all I can think is how grateful I’ am to experience this wonderful euphoria.

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I take a swam deeper in the water all I can see is a little fishes and jellyfishes, the jellyfish that are there is not the one who sting. When we finished swimming, we next went to the nearby cave but before we enter the guide gave us safety helmet to wear in our heads and flashlights, when we are down there, it is very cold and dark you can’t barely see anything but when we open our flashlight the stones that was form there was so very enchanting to look because of the different shape and the crystals that glitters when our flashlight hit it, all you can hear is the chirping of the birds. But the most exciting part that happened is when we jump to the cliff, it almost gave me a heart attack because when you’re up there all you can see is the deep blue crystal water that can hypnotized you to jump, so I take all my courage and decided to jump because there’s no way for us to go down unless you jump, another check from my Bucket List. When we are heading off to the port, we see a colorful, vibrant rainbow in the middle of the ocean, it was so beautiful and our day ended with a smile on our faces.

This is the best summer vacation that happened in my life because it is the first time that we bonded together, all the laughs and jokes that we share will always be in my heart and at the end of the day we always have our side to help one another.

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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