Homelessness in America

Tonight alone, twenty-three percent of citizens in the United States will become homeless. Ninety-four percent of people living on the streets are single adults, four percent are part of families and two percent are unaccompanied runaway minors. The homeless shelters begin filling, therefore beginning to cause a slight problem, services in the shelters will worsen. The homeless are being slowing exiled from society, creating division in the social class structure between the low-income class and the homeless class (Homelessness in America).

The homeless struggle in surviving economical and physically, and with the declining of useful services in the shelters due to the overcrowding, the homeless community is incapable of reestablishing in society. The homeless and the shelters require an increasing amount of useful services in order to assist homeless citizens’ into reentering society once again. The controversial idea for improving services amongst homeless shelters continues in turmoil.

Society, excluding the homeless, views the homeless as wasteful citizens of the United States, again exiling them from society (A Nation in Denial: The Truth about Homelessness).

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They see them as good for nothing, drug addicted people who are too lazy to actually apply themselves and work. Many Americans feel this way towards homeless communities; however, many homeless are out on the streets due to loss of job, being non-financially stable, and due to mental and/or physical disabilities. Homeless people are view upon and discriminated against in such a negative fashion, abating homeless peoples chances of receiving the proper support in order to responsibly take action and reenter society as a working citizen (Homelessness: Whose problem is it?).

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Americans’ judging a single homeless person based on the America’s judgments’ of the homeless community is ignorant.

I personally view each homeless people as an individual who needs assistance, needs the extra encouragement to be able to support them self, one who needs a higher quality of services provided for them in the shelters. If we, as a nation, help out the homeless shelters by giving them better services, each homeless citizen will be able to rejoin society and feel a sense of pride for themselves once and for all, if not, they will all die. Bettering the services in the shelters helps tremendously for the homeless community. Peoples’ largess allows encouragement to flow through the homeless citizens, thus setting up a plan for them to rejoin society once and for all. Helping the homeless shelters helps the homeless, not only for themselves, but helps the nation. Assisting homeless people back into society allows for a larger working class, opens many different job opportunities and strengths the economy by making more money.

Although hundreds of the millions of homeless people who want support in order to restart their lives, a great amount of the homeless do not want help, they do not want to rejoin society again, “I enjoy being homeless!” (Voices from the Street). The homeless refuse to enter society, having to work in order to better themselves. Only about fifteen percent of the homeless in the shelters feel this way because of their drug addiction. In fact, few homeless people are out on the streets due to drug addiction. They plan to gain sympathy from society by pleading for loose change, in which that loose change that they say is for a meal, is in fact used to support their drug addiction. Despite the percentage of homeless people who do not want help; this is why the shelters want greater services. The homeless who say they do not want help are the ones who need it the most and without the proper services, homelessness will continue to grow in astonishing numbers (Homeless Rates in U.S. Held Level Amid Recession).

Homeless shelters should be able to have an upgrade of their services to help the homeless; otherwise, the homeless struggling in the streets will never be able to call a place their home. In America, homelessness is an increasing problem in our great nation. Each and every day, large amounts of citizens’ fall under the homeless class, over filling each homeless shelter the country has to offer. Not owning the proper services to help each homeless person in the shelters to be able to reenter society to better them continues the growing problem of homelessness. Why not offer the homeless better services? I believe that every shelter, in order to end homelessness, should obtain an upgrade of their services, but without the help of the nation, the homelessness issue will continue and the homeless will never have a chance to reestablish themselves in society again.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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