Accessorize with a Meaning

It takes up about two inches on my thick, and short middle finger. It is relatively small, yet has been proven to have great importance and meaning. This dented, imperfect circle fits loosely, and comfortably which allows for the constant usage and handling. It has a unique, and undefined shape that compliments the small circles within the accessory. There is a band of a perfect line of small circles that runs infinite in the exact middle of the accessory. The thirteen small circles sit in the small seats of metal all in unison and order.

Sharp, pointed tips that look like the top of a vintage castle, pull the pendants on the outsides of the line, up and back down. If you cut the jewel in half, the sides are symmetrical with equal amount of points and dots. A tight grasp of the pointed edges are painful from the sharp and definite tips. Running your fingers over the piece, feels of rough sand paper rubbing on a wall.

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It shines bright and sparkly, which catches the attention from many eyes’ including my very own.

However, on the inside, the real, steel metal has grown rugged, and dirty from over use, and age. It’s smooth outer covering has worn off, and the whole inside has thinned. It leaves a mark, and patch of dry skin where it lays on my finger every day and night. It smells of the sandwich I had today for lunch, since it is always there when my fingers are supporting my food.

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Also, smells of the decaying metal after it has been washed under the soapy, warm water. It’s small size and lightweight does not determine it’s meaning to me.

In fact, despite the petite appearance it has a large, underlying sentimental theme to my life. I have never owned such a delicate, and special piece in my long 16 years of living. According to my mother, this was due to lack of responsibility and maturity. She could never trust me to guard such a remarkable diamond and actually understand the significance until the night that marked my transformation from a young girl, to a mature woman. This night, my sweet sixteen is with out a doubt was one of the best experiences of my life.

This ring, purchased by my mother and grandmother from a small, expensive boutique was to not only be cherished because of it’s beauty, but also as a memory of this night which marked my new found maturity. Without this ring, I think it would change my outlook of a sweet sixteen completely. To most, a sweet sixteen is just a extravagant birthday party with an abundance of family, and friends that give larger gifts. Although, it symbolizes something much greater for a girl, it marks a necessary change in one’s life.

My sweet sixteen is a night I want to smell, hear, touch, taste, and feel forever. The ring helps me hold on tight to this special time in my life. The ring’s unique shape also has a symbolical meaning. The line in the middle represents the stability and exactness in my life. Unfortunately, like everyone else, my life consists of many ups and downs. This ring has inflicted an important realization about my life. When I look down at my finger, I look back at the happiness, and joyous memories in my life especially my sixteenth birthday.

This reminds me to preserve the happiness within my life, like my family and friends in order to fight off the barriers holding me back from success. I acquire laughter, and smiles through one glimpse of my ring. This is important to hold onto because a life is not worth living without the safety of warm smiles, and special memories. Hardships have become especially evident within my teenage years, so the ring has grown more and more important. I have endured many family and friend issues that inflict drama and undesirable emotions. The ring brings me back to a night filled with strictly fun and togetherness.

People question, “how can a small piece of jewelery hold so much meaning? ” Everyone must seek something for comfort and assurance for their own mental health and happiness. For me the ring provides me with the idea of my new found maturity, and happy memory where my family and friends were all able to come together, and share a memorable moment with me. Time has proven to cause separation and change amongst people, with this beautiful ring I will be able to forever remember loved ones and how grateful I am to have shared my sweet sixteen with them.

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