"No other Country" by Shaun Tan

In ‘No other Country’, Shaun Tan uses the heterotopia discovered by the family to portray the beauty of finding peace and comfort in a foreign place, by emphasising the importance of a strong familial bond and sense of belonging.In the story ‘No alternative country’, the Italian migrator family had problem fitting into the suburbia. On the one hand, their living conditions there have been not terribly satisfactory. They didn’t lead a cushty life as a result of “after paying the mortgage, there was no cash left to mend something.

”; the facilities were hardly usable, “the plight came reluctantly to the sink as if from miles away, and even then while not conviction, and typically a pale chromatic color.

Several of the windows wouldn’t open properly to prevent the flies entering into.”; the kids additionally had “their troubles” within the faculty, perhaps they'd found it arduous to catch up with their classmates and perhaps had been afraid. And on the one hand, the suburbia isn't as acquainted as their mother country to them, the mother of the family complained concerning this new home for several times, repeatedly locution“no alternative country is worse than this one”.

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The “weakest a part of the house” within the story could also be a figure that signifies their most tough time, at that they couldn’t settle for the gap between expectation and reality. and also the place the family referred to as “inner courtyard” refers to the resort that the family intercommunicate for comfort and relief.

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“…the a lot of they checked out them, the a lot of the family recognised aspects of their own lives inside these strange, pale allegories”.

The “inner courtyard” is clearly AN vision and embodies a mix of their mother country in imagination and also the suburbia. because the “inner courtyard” keeps the family’s memory of their home country, they found the sense of identity and belongingness from it. and also the “inner courtyard” naturally became a part of their life, “What’s attention-grabbing is that the mother of that family finally found each family there had AN “inner courtyard”. This told USA that each newcomer would a amount of struggle before they found a snug to be each himself or herself and a member of the society. each “Belonging” and “other” area unit key ideas within the story.

As a matter of reality, they're 2 extremes by that we tend to live the connection between somebody and also the place he or she lives. The “inner courtyard” is clearly AN imaginativeness and embodies a mixture of their motherland in imagination and also the suburbia.By introducing these 2 ideas, and victimisation his keen observation and inventive imagination. Tan expresses his humanistic care and sympathy for folks that suffer from the cultural and language barriers and attracts people’s attention to the matter.

He helps to place a stop to alienations and negative culture stereotypes by drawing people’s attention to the method immigrants area unit treated and the way they desire they don’t belong. which individuals in communities that have immigrants have to be compelled tofacilitate cultivate a sense of happiness and social acceptance so everybody feels welcome and accepted in their separate communities. “No alternative Country” may be a story concerning seeing sudden beauty in what’s around you. though it's virtually a few wizard area within a family’s house. The “punch line” (which isn’t a jokey laugh line or anything) is absolutely tremendous and inventive. The sentence higher than refers to however the family was reaching for a few variety of happiness within the new country they’re in, which the “inner courtyard” is however they notice that happiness and acceptance that they’d antecedently been unable to seek out as immigrants in a very new country.

Tan created this story to bring back light-weight the problems close immigration, family values and community acceptance. He shows USA that if you discover your “inner courtyard” or inner peace among the family you’re in and you then you’ll be able to live a happier more well-off life. the problems that surround you won’t appear therefore dangerous any longer and you’ll have higher, healthier relationships, a good, verificatory community and you’ll accumulate to the current new country higher if you discover peace with yourself and your external surroundings.

In “No alternative Country”, a secret area reveal in a number of the homes of a poor, communityneighbourhood, ‘an not possible area, somewhere between the others.’ The rooms bring with them an entire alternative world: palace gardens, ancient walls with allegoric frescoes, completely different seasons, and strange blossoms. Drawn as a pastiche of Renaissance paintings and frescoes, these ‘inner courtyards’, as they're dubbed by the residents, bring sudden redemption to tough lives. e attic and down a for good put in ladder.”

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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