Projectile Motion Lab Report Essay

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Projectile Motion Lab Report

Acceleration is constant at 9.8 m/s2 because of the force of gravity. For experiment 1 the velocity will be calculated by measuring “x” and “y” and using the combined x & y equations to solve for Vo. Vo= x⌠g/2y. For experiment 2 the range equation for distance x=R is applicable since the launch and landing elevations are the same. R=(Vo2sin2ᶿ)/g Objective

The objective of experiment one is to determine the distance a falling object will travel when the launch height is changed. The objective of experiment two is to observe the distance, x=R, a projectile will travel when the launch angle is changed. Acceleration is constant at 9.8 m/s2 in all the experiments due to gravity. Hypothesis

Experiment 1: When the height is raised, the marble will have more time to continue traveling at its initial velocity while the gravitational force is acting upon it, increasing the distance the marble travels while falling. Experiment 2: The range of the rocket will decrease as the angle launched moves away from 45 degrees. Experiment

Experiment 1: Ramp, marble, corn starch, 4 sheets of construction paper, tape measure, monofilament line, fishing sinker, paper towel, water. Experiment 2: 4 Squeeze Rockets™, 1 Squeeze Rocket™ Bulb, Protractor, Tape measure, Stopwatch. Method:

A possible source for error may lie in the manner in which the corn starch splatters onto the construction paper after falling. This may cause an inaccurate reading of measurement of distance. Another possible source of error may originate with the distance of the dropped marble from the top of the head. The marble may not be dropped at the exact same distance each time altering the results, possibly time. Conclusion

The results support the hypothesis for both experiments. For experiment one, the distance traveled by the marble increased when the table height was elevated. For experiment two, the range of the rocket decreased with a
decrease in angle. References

Giancoli, Physics: Principles with Applications, Volume 2, 2004

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