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Project Management and Coffee Shop

Paper type: Project
Pages: 3 (642 words)
Categories: Coffee, Management, Project Management
Downloads: 17
Views: 611

Mission/ Purpose

We are A coffee Shop aim to achieve consumer satisfaction by providing fresh brew coffee and teas at guarantied the best prices. We strive to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, we will try to preserve our reputation of providing an excellent quality of coffee.


The coffee shop project contains a few renovations to an old building. It is my idea to create a vintage café with hopes of attracting tourists as well as locals.

I hope that the idea of a vintage café in the hustle of the city attracts people as well as provides them with a sense of ease and relaxation. The renovation ideas include adding new, small, dim lights throughout the ceiling, repainting the walls, the addition of darkly colored wooden floor, purchasing and hanging up vintage style pictures and memorabilia. The use of small round tables and country styled chairs. We hope to renovate a new central air system.

The project will start on the 5thof January and Finish by the 26th of February. This project will include a contingency of 50%. A project management team will be assigned to manage all renovations.


In our efforts as a coffee shop the objective is to provide a unique project to a community that is located only minutes from all major subway and bus stops and has many openings in the busiest location throughout the five boroughs.

Business Need

We are in the business of clearly understanding our project requirements and this includes choosing coffee shop activities that enable my team to accomplish true desire, while monitoring performance during and at the end of the project. We the coffee shop are focusing on meeting real needs so therefore this project main goal is to establish itself in multiple locations throughout the state and eventually throughout the country to reach an overall goal of customer satisfaction as well as a prosperous business.

Project Manager and Stakeholders

Project leader is no other than Earnesto the stakeholders of this project are the satisfied consumers.

The Key milestones of the coffee shop are to establish its renowned name through at least Five locations throughout the state; Twenty locations throughout the tri-state area; and possibly forty locations throughout the country.

The order-of-magnitude budget for this project is to improve our efficiency by 30 percent. Budget cont. (Monthly)
Legal/ administrative fees
Renovations (painting, flooring, etc)
Contingency Allowance (Plan A) (20%)
(Plan B)

Business Insurance
Supplies (cups, coffee, stirrers, coffee makers, blenders, cash registers, $10,000.00
Staff Payment
Total Budget

User Acceptance Criteria/Quality

The minimum success criteria as defined by the key stakeholders are to assure that our customers are always satisfied with their orders from our business, as well as the locations, set up and environment of the business.

High-Level Project Assumptions

A constant flow of customers in addition to first time customers will enable us to assume that we are conducting and carrying our business successfully. High-Level Project Constraints Limiting factors that affect the project is ensuring that the majority of our customers enjoy our brews and blends with different selections of coffee as well as our décor and arrangement of the facility. We must cater to the public’s desire and keep up to date in order to progress as a business.

Exclusions and Boundaries

Boundaries of the project include making sure that we have appropriate and professional staff; That our overall interior and exterior design is attractive, that the staff is welcoming, customer satisfaction, etc.

Major Risks

The Risks affecting the project is that we must set up the next branch of the coffee shop in an area where we are sure that we will profit the most because if we set up in an unsuccessful area we may not profit which ultimately will risk the progression of our business.

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Project Management and Coffee Shop. (2016, Aug 20). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/project-management-and-coffee-shop-essay

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