Production plan for Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributors

The name of the business will be Jack’s Bag & Fruits Juices Distributors it will be Located at 67 Windsor Road, Spanish Town St. Catherine it will be a partnership business. This S. B. A was prepared for C. X. C purpose only and represents 20% of the Principles of Business exam grade. The S. B. A will be presented in three (3) parts called profile. Profile 1 will be based on the nature, name and type of business on which the S. B. A will be done, also the mission statement, roles and use of technology. It will also contain potential for growth (internal).

Profile 2 will outline justification of location (which is the exact location, shop #, street and parish). It will also be based on selection of appropriate labour resource, sources of fixed and working capital, type of production, level of production, quality control measures and linkages. Profile 3 will contain government regulations, ethical issues, communication of information using correct grammar and potential for growth (external).

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The business idea came about through the researching of Cool Icy Wholesale Juices; it is a small juice company which gave me the courage to start my own business.

Also because of person without a refrigerator do not have something cool to drink. This company will be owned by Anthony and Kemar Jack. The organization will push to its fullest potential to be the best juice supplier in the community. To achieve this, the organization will be committed to make the best tasting juices throughout the community. Acknowledgement I would like to thank the staff of Cool Icy Wholesale Juices for helping me with this S.

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B. A. Also special thanks to Mrs. Kelly Blake, Owner and for the interview also letting me observe the company.

I also thank my teacher for outline and giving me information about this S. B. A. Profile 1 Description of the business The Name of the business will be Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributor. The business will be located at 64 Winsor Road, Spanish Town St. Catherine and the type of business will be a Partnership business person that will be in this partnership is two (2). This business will be owned and operated by Kemar Jack and Anthony Jack who will manage the operation. The entrepreneur Kemar Jack will be the production manager of the organization and Anthony Jack will be the general manager.

The entrepreneur Kemar Jack will be in charge of creating of production and distribution of the products and Anthony Jack will be in charge of the accounting and marketing. Marketing strategies, the entrepreneur of the business plan to us advertising, sampling and buy one get one free as marketing promotional strategies to attract potential customers. Mission Statement, the organization will be pushed to its fullest potential to be the best juices supplier in the community. To achieve this the organization will be committed to make the best tasting juices throughout the community.

Role Of the entrepreneur,the role of the entrepreneur is defiend as the way to start a business or organization. Conceptualization, . Planning: The entrepreneur should draw up a detailed programmer stating his or her objectives; How the Objectives can be achieved given the level of available resource. I will be making a plan in giving the people of the community cool juices for hot days like in the summer times. Accessing funds: Getting funds to start the business at the right time is often the biggest problem for the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can use his own funds; get loan from bank and other sources, government grant etc.

The money I have may not be enough so I would have to borrow loan from bank, friends or family members to start the business. Organization: This is the ability of the entrepreneur to bring together people, material and equipment in such a way that the works gets done. Loans that have been barrowed will be use for materials and equipment. Land will be bought for building the company building on. Construction workers will be working on the building for the juice company. Use of Technology The technologies that will be used in the business are: refrigerators, which will keep the juices, cool for customers in the community.

It also helps the company to make profit. Computers, which keeps a record of how many profit made every day and how many juices sold to customer, it also keeps a record of monies spend. Potential for Growth (internal) A plan to expand the business, hire more employees and distribute more products for the company. Profile 2 Justification of Location Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributors will be located at 67 Windsor Road, Spanish Town P. O St. Catherine in a community with zinc fence. The reasons for this location of choose is because of citizen of this community without a refrigerator.

Person in the community are in need of cool drink during hot times. So that person in the community does not have to walk far distances to other community to get cool juices to drink. Selection of appropriate labour Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributors is a company that will hire skilled workers and unskilled worker and support the efficiency of labour. This business will start with five (5) employees a janitor, who will keep the building clean, a cashier, who cashes the day to day products that have been sold, an accountant who keep track of daily transaction and reconciliation and two (2) packers to pack and unpack trucks.

Source of fixed and working capital A loan will be obtained from The National Commercial Bank (NCB) to add to fund received from family members. Money will be use to buy materials to build the building to start the business, refrigerators to cool juice beverage, computers to record transaction in money, purchases of good an other transaction and office furniture to make working area comfortable. Some of the money from loan will be used to buy goods for the business. Goods will be delivered to the jack’s bag & fruit juice distribute by cal’s bag juice factory.

Type of production Subsistence production is Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributors level of production. At this level, the method of producing goods allows for only the basic needs of individual or families concerned to be met. Level of production Jack’s Bag & Fruit Juices Distributors is involved in the tertiary production. Tertiary production is where product has been bought from another company and sold to the public. Quality control measures Products coming into the company will be check to make sure they are fresh and good for business.

Refrigerator will be used to keep the juices cool and fresh. The building will be check every week to make sure it is a clean and health environment. Employees that will be hired for this company will be trained and untrained employees. Linkage Backwards linkage: are where the raw materials or raw goods came from. raw goods that will be used to in the Jack’s bag & fruit juice distribute will coming from the cal’s bag juice factory. Forward linkage: are good that send to family members are other company by an industry.

Goods from the company will be forwarded to the people of the Windsor Road community. Profile 3 Potential for Growth (External) Our potential for growth is to expand locally to other community within the next five (5) years. Government regulations Jack’s Bag & Fruits Juices Distributors is a small business that has to pay taxes because the more profit the company makes the taxes they have to pay. The company will also have to start the business with the article of association and memorandum of association to govern the internal and external aspects of the business.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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