Problems Combining Work And School

Combining work and school is not easy task. Now days it is very difficult for the college students to manage college tuition and their expenses. It becomes very difficult for the students to make a balance between the two. So to handle the increasing expenses and high tuition fees it becomes necessary to work and make some extra money. Combining work and school leads to several problems such as it affects studies, too little time for self and too little time to socialize.

It also affects the health like due to excessive working hours the person becomes so tired that he doesn’t want to cook and eats more of fast food which affects the health College students who try to juggle job and school together find trouble at school. Early morning classes, for example, are particularly very difficult. Because they work every week night from noon to midnight, and reach home late in the night fully tired and exhausted, due to working late till midnight and have little time to do all the assigned reading and homework due to this they get behind in the assignments, and never seem to have enough time to catch up which leads to poor grades and affects the GPA.

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Sometimes student’s work hours create other conflicts like due to extra workload from the employer they have to skip the classes. Working part time and study gives too little time to spend with family and to socialize.

By the time I reach home in midnight everybody in the family is sleeping and after the tiring day at work and school I do not even get few minutes to spend with family and kids.

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By the time they wake up I have to leave for my school to attend the morning classes. I am not able to attend family functions such as birthdays, marriages etc due to my work. On the other hand when it comes to socializing with friends like going together on trips and having fun I cannot go with them because of my work and the classes. Even on the weekends when everybody is enjoying except me because I work on the weekends to make money. Even though I am missing a lot in my life but I have no other choice. I have to work to support my family and continue education. To avoid these kind of experience’s students try to be organized, and have time management but most of the time they are unsuccessful because of the work the working hours are too much that they are not able to give time to other activities. A person cannot focus on too many things like family, health, friends etc during working and studying. Ultimately one of them has to suffer. To avoid these kind of experience’s students have to be organized, and have time management or they may get overwhelm in their daily schedule. In conclusion I can say that combining work and school is not easy and requires a lot of hard work.

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Problems Combining Work And School

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