Principles of safe supervision of children in the home

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General supervision would be when you know what the kid is doing and checking on them regularly. This might be analyzed as keeping an attentive eye from a range e. g when children are playing on a carpet or when a child is sleeping. The element of danger when embracing close guidance would be less than in the other wo levels of supervision. Once the needed level of supervision has been identified, it is very important to consider the following disciplines in order to ensure safe guidance and to make all other member of the family conscious of them also.

Do not let children play outdoors without supervision All tools equipment and chemicals must be securely saved away in a locked shed or garage All paved areas should be safe Fences need to be sound Devices for outdoors need to be inspected daily and set up properly (usage logs) Gates should be safely fastened Dustbins/wheelie bins/re-cycling bins need to not be accessible to children If animals are present then children’s play locations must be without animal food and waste Locations of water consisting of butts or ponds and sand pits need to be firmly enclosed or covered.

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All plant life in the garden must be safe Clothes lines/rotary driers must be safe and not routing.

Use of seat belts for adults Tax, MOT, business – use insurance Seats/restraints for children Child locks on doors Getting in and out the car should be safe… Driving safely at all times When using other people’s cars ensuring they are safe.

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By Public Transport: Checking that everyone stands back from the curb edge when at a bus stop or train platform Ensuring that young children wear safety harnesses Buggies and prams in good working order Knowing your Journey and planning your route beforehand Children should sit next to you on busses/trains Children should be taught how to stay safe when near to/ crossing the road.

Green cross code according to age Always put yourself between the road and the child hen possible Use restraints/reins where applicable Don’t allow children to run ahead Teach children about stranger danger particularly when in parks and adventure playground. Ultimately, once disciplines have been put in place in the different areas when supervising children, then this will ultimately assist when determining the levels of supervision required as the safety of the child is paramount in any home based child care setting. Also having procedures in place when out and about in case children get lost or separated is considered as good practice for any child-minder.

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Principles of safe supervision of children in the home

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