Positive Discipline In Everyday Teaching

The strict implementation of Child Protection Policy serves as calling for teachers to apply positive discipline in everyday teaching. This may sounds challenging at first, but may result great effect when properly practiced every day. For a positive discipline to be effective, consider the following:

  •  Engage pupils in establishing rules of behavior

Pupils’ participation in establishing or creating classroom rules is important. This is one way of engaging pupils in their learning and making them aware of the rules that they need to follow.

  •  Be firm and consistent in observing classroom rules

Teacher’s firmness and consistency in observing classroom rules and decision-making is necessary in order to avoid confusion. Do’s and don’ts must be fairly applied to all pupils. Clarity into what extent things are allowed and not allowed must be consider for pupils are keen observant, thus they can detect any inconsistency in observing classroom rules. This is necessary in order to gain and maintain pupils’ respect.

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  •  Know your pupils

As a classroom manager, a teacher must know his pupils well including family background, way of living and environment at home. With all these knowledges, a teacher may understand the behavior of his pupils and find appropriate ways/ approaches in dealing pupils’ different behaviors.

  •  Be a model of positive behavior

Teacher is one of the most influential persons in the life of the pupils. Pupils observe and imitate how their teacher act, speak and express himself. They may imitate how their teacher treat their classmates and respond on behavioral problems.

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If a teacher shouts at the top of his voice to call attention of the class or to call inattentive pupils, there will be a possibility that pupils will also shout just to call ones’ attention.

  •  Set standards before performing any activity

Pupils may not always aware of the effect of their actions but then if they are well informed on what and how things/ activities are to be done, they will perform as expected thus order in the classroom prevails.

  •  Give rewards of positive behavior and outstanding performance

Appropriate rewards are great motivators. Pupils are encouraged and motivated to behave properly and perform as best as they can if rewards are given accordingly. A teacher has a vital role of shaping the lives of pupils and protecting them as well. In protecting the rights of every pupil, a teacher may apply positive discipline in a day to day classroom interaction.


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Updated: Feb 24, 2021
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