Positive And Negative Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

Technology has advanced and spread in many different ways since it was first invented. Technology has made some things easier to use or get. The technology could have been better in the past or in the new type of technology we have today. By evaluating some turning points in history, technology is seen to be used for the better or worse, with positive and negative effects. Three turning points in the spread of technology are cuneiform writing, the Gupta Dynasty, and the Colombian exchange.

These turning points are not only electronic technology but things that have evolved throughout life.

Cuneiform is a type of technology that developed in many ways throughout history. Cuneiform is a type of writing first developed by the ancient Sumerians and as it became more common it was then used by the Babylonians and Assyrians. Cuneiform writing was used to record transactions, inventories of supplies, production, taxation figures, and wage payments. Cuneiform is not the alphabet but a form of writing that we use today.

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The Gupta Dynasty is another turning point in history. The Gupta was from northern central to parts of southern India.

The achievements that the Gupta Dynasty has accomplished have been helpful for us now. Their achievement has spread and helped in today's life. For example, medicine now helps people and every day new types of medicines are coming out to help people cure. We also still use numbers for many things and it is something we use every day.

The Columbian exchange was an interchange of plants, animals, culture, human populations, technology, and diseases.

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The interchange was with the Americans, the old world, and west Africa. The purpose of the Colombian exchange was because they all had finally decided to contact one another. This also helped world crops such as potatoes and corn. The bad thing about the Columbian exchange is that a lot of diseases were being exchanged.

The spread of the Columbian exchange helps us today by the number of crops that were interchanged. The exchange also helped spread people, food, and animals across the world. This would lead to people getting fruits and vegetables that they have never seen before. This helps us today by us having all the different kinds of foods and animals. All the different kinds of foods and technology are because of the interchange of the Columbians.

In conclusion, the spread of technology has helped in many ways. With the development of cuneiform, the developments of medicine, and the interchange of crops and animals we have everything we need today. We now have a way of writing and understanding the words we use. The pictographs that were difficult to understand turned into phonograms which is what we use today. As years passed by the technology of cuneiform will advance and many more ways of writing come out. The development of medicine and astrology will continue to advance and many more medicines will come out to cure diseases. As well as astrology, more discoveries will be shown and we will get to know the world a little bit more. Finally, the spread of crops, people, and animals done to the interchange of the Columbians is why we have something different everywhere we go. The spread of technology was not just on electronics but things that have developed throughout history.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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