Personal Writing: The Life Goals and Dreams

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Life is a continuous journey. So far, my journey has been a quest to fulfill happiness, 3 search for knowledge and a longing Ior wealthi Throughout the years, I have been in pursuit of these goals. What I have achieved is merely the tip of the iceberg compared to my dreams, but the passions that drive me will not cease until they have been satisfied. Happiness is the essence of all my goals. Without happiness. there is no meaning to life! It is like being alone in the rain.

A cloud of sadness hangs over you like a curse that will not go away. Happiness is being with your friends. It is the leeling when someone gives you a helping hand when you fall, or a pat in the back when you succeed. It is also the feeling of love: the warmth that you feel when you hold the one you love in your arms. Happiness is not something that can be achieved easily; it requires love and honour, pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice Knowledge is also something that is not achieved easily.

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The search for knowledge has always driven me because humankind knows only so little about the things that surrounds them I wish to unveil secrets, do the undoable, and see the world no one else sees. These dreams are not easily achievable, but with each step I take, they become one step closer, and life becomes more fulfilling. Wealth on the other hand, is not something that fulfills your mental ambitions.

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It is more of a physical object. It is the basis of all transactions that take place in this modern world. There are many things that money cannot buy, but for everything else, it is an essential thing that can make life a lot easieri It automatically gives you power and respecti It can improve your lifestyle. You do not need to worry about money, or anything that requires money. You have more time to follow your dreams, and to be with your loved ones This is what wealth can bring you. These are my dreams. They will all play a diilerent role in my life, and not all of them I can achieve But the amount of effort I put forth to achieve them will be equal to the amount I shall receive. There will be no regret.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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